Our Stories

NorthPark Santa Retirement

The beloved Santa Carl will be retiring from his post as NorthPark Santa after nearly 35 years of bringing joy to the holiday season and to every child he met.

Tanner and Caleb's Care Team

Meet Tanner and Caleb's care team, a collection of employees at who make their experience at Children's Health enjoyable, even through difficulties.

Truman Factory

We caught up with 17-year-old Truman Wilson to see what drives him and why he gives a portion of the proceeds from his company back to Children’s Health.

PetSmart Charities Grant

With the help of a grant from PetSmart Charities, our pet-assisted therapy dog program is aiming to provide a healthy diversion from the usual hospital routine for children while receiving treatment.

2021 Red Balloon League

Meet our 2021 Red Balloon League, a collection of employees, patients, families and supporters of Children's Health, unifying to make the impossible possible.

Eagle Family

Grateful to their doctor for saving their daughter’s life twenty years ago, John and Jennifer Eagle established the Eagle Family Endowment Fund in his honor.

Ace Hardware Gives Back

In 2020, the Coppell Ace Hardware store raised more than $45,000 through Round Up for Kids and other efforts to benefit Children’s Health.

Carlos' Caregivers

We tracked down 10 team members whose faces represent the web of support that surrounds one heart transplant patient’s journey at Children’s Health.  

The highest level of neonatal care

In 2020, our NICU was re-designated as a Level IV—the highest possible level—meaning we offer care for the most complex and critically ill newborns, and never have to refer a baby to another hospital for care.

Robbie and Lynore Robinson

Grateful for the critical care their daughter received at Children’s Health, Robbie and Lynore committed a $1 million bequest in their wills to endow the Child Life department at Children's Medical Center Plano.

Giving Through Your IRA

There are many ways to give back to Children's Health - including by giving from your IRA without having to pay withdrawal taxes.

What is Cryptocurrency?

Over the past year, cryptocurrency has seen a boom in popularity. But there are many misconceptions about what it is and what the future holds for currencies like bitcoin, Ethereum and dogecoin.

2021 Tax Changes

Following Pres. Biden's speech to a joint session of Congress, Children's Medical Center Foundation is helping you plan charitable giving to reduce tax burden.

Dr. Andy Koh

Dr. Andrew Koh is studying how the gut microbiome impacts the immune system of cancer and stem cell transplant patients so he can develop new therapies to help his patients.   

Gino and Catherine Sabatini

The Sabatinis were so moved by the care their son, Roman, received after being diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, they started an endowment in his honor.

Therapy Dogs

Fully funded by Children's Medical Center Foundation, the pet therapy dog program brings joy and comfort to patients at Children's Medical Center Dallas.

Jaxon's Caregivers

Hear from a web of caregivers who had an impact on Jaxon and his family as he was treated at Children's Health.

Plano Expansion

Children's Medical Center Plano is undergoing an expansion, with plans for a seven-story tower that will triple patient capacity for the Northern market.


An employee at Children's Medical Center Plano, Stacey unexpectedly had a massive heart attack while at work - but her co-workers were there to save her life.


A security officer at Children’s Health, Wendell has built a more than three-decade career dedicated to keeping team members and patients at the hospital safe.

Dr. Pam Okada

Expectful waiting is Dr. Okada's motto as an attending physician in the Emergency Department at Children’s Health.


“She felt like this was her hospital. When she met someone, she’d say, ‘I am James Farnsworth’s wife, and he built Children’s.’ She felt a big connection to having been part of that process and was proud of him.”

Children's Health Heroes

In their own words and through their own lens, workers at Children’s Health describe what life now looks like in the face of a global pandemic.


'We’re more like sisters’: More than two decades of volunteering turned these strangers into best friends


Ryan, manager of pastoral care at Children's Health, say its the holistic care offered to patients and their families that drives his giving.


Most mornings, you will find Terry Pate, Maintenance Mechanic, Engineering, cleaning a fountain in a secluded courtyard at Children’s Medical Center Dallas – regardless of the weather forecast.


Hoping to raise at least $2,000 to support the Pauline Allen Gill Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders, where she works as a research coordinator, Shahenaaz Sunderji simply asked for help.

Clara and Dianne

Clara and Dianne have been peddling a "fun cart" through the halls of Children's Health for two decades through their volunteer work.


“When God doesn’t give you children, he gives you the opportunities to help other children,” Arlton said.


After beating breast cancer two decades ago, Lori finds countless ways to give back to patients dealing with the stress and anxiety she's all too familiar with.


Christian works behind the scenes at Children's Health, supporting children through technology and fundraising to send them to summer camp.

Dr. Andy McGarrahan

Through his work at the Center for Pediatric Eating Disorders, Dr. Andy is helping make life better for children.


A lifelong community leader and attorney, Rebecca has maintained strong ties to Children’s Health through leadership on its Board of Directors and as Past President of the Women’s Auxiliary in Plano.

Social Workers in the ER

Nancy and her team members have thousands of opportunities each year to support children and their families on some of the hardest days of their life.

Kohl's Cares Program

What to do When your Child Gets Sick, a program funded by Kohl’s Cares, helped lead to a 6% decrease in repeat low acuity visits to the Emergency Room at Children’s Medical Center Dallas in its inaugural year.

Emergency Room Renovation

Children's Health has begun construction on a $56 million, multi-year renovation to its emergency room at Children’s Medical Center Dallas, its flagship hospital.