As a nonprofit, your support of Children’s Health helps us do more than offer medical care. It helps us make life better for children.

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Help Us Make Life Better for Children

Throughout the year, we provide unique engagement opportunities all in support of our primary goal – making life better for children. Check out our featured campaigns and ways to get involved above and below. 

  • Donate

    Whether you’re looking to make a one-time donation or are considering a major gift, Children’s Health makes the process as easy as possible. Every gift helps us provide world-class care for the children who need us.

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  • Advocate

    Let friends, family and the community know that you choose Children's Health. Share our mission online or participate in our annual events like Cape Day, North Texas Giving Day and BOO.

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  • Volunteer

    We could not serve all of our families without help from a generous community of friends and volunteers. Your contributions of time and energy are most appreciated and sure to bring a smile to a young face.

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Why Give?

Kids can do amazing things with a little help. So can we. And your donations of time and money make it possible for us to do what we do best.

  • Care

    Enhance comprehensive care, expand our facilities and provide access to the latest innovations and interventions to care for children in need.

  • Cures

    Advance medical research to discover lifesaving cures and new treatments for our pediatric patients.

  • Community

    Improving health and wellness across North Texas through community programs and outreach.

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