Our Stories

Leo and Reagan

Diagnosed with sickle cell disease as babies, brothers Leo and Reagan have learned to live life in pain. And even though the disease is invisible, the pain is real.


Adopted at birth, Addison suffered from frequent ear infections and severe balance issues, which compromised her hearing and delayed her walking until she was almost 18 months old.


One of our Halloween-loving patients, Noah, made a special trip to Spirit Halloween to get a behind-the-scenes look at how their spooky animatronics work.


Ava loves Broadway musicals, is obsessed with sharks and wants to be a marine biologist. And like many people, she hasn’t always liked how she looks.


A lifelong community leader and attorney, Rebecca has maintained strong ties to Children’s Health through leadership on its Board of Directors and as Past President of the Women’s Auxiliary in Plano.


Her aunt taught her how to apply blush to accentuate her cheekbones and eyeliner to brighten her eyes. But no one prepared Camila on how to fight cancer.


A muggy Friday evening in late May, wearing a polyester blue gown over a shirt and tie, is not the stuff of teenage dreams. But this day was 18-year-old Davion's dream.


“We’d sang her a million-and-one songs trying to put her to bed or rock her to sleep at night, and she’d never heard any of it,” Finley's mom said. “She’d never even heard us say, ‘I love you.’”


Her future was bright. The sky was the limit. Until one day last December when it almost all came crashing down.


Elaine, mother of four, doesn’t take for granted the chance to rock her youngest, Obie. For almost the first two months of life, Elaine couldn’t hold him. An incubator at Children’s Health was his crib.


“I want Eli to have a normal life,” Eli's dad said. “And the only thing I want to be different about him is the scar on his chest, which is a badge of honor for going through what he did.”


Friends and neighbors of PGA golfer John Senden used to ask how to improve their golf game when they’d see him. Now, they want to know how his 15-year-old son is doing.


For six months, a Children’s Health hospital room adorned with cutouts of butterflies, hearts and unicorns has been a temporary home for 2-year-old Zena and her mom, Kenda.

Social Workers in the ER

Nancy and her team members have thousands of opportunities each year to support children and their families on some of the hardest days of their life.


During her journey at Children's Health, Hanna collected more than 700 Beads of Courage to represent different milestones or treatments, more than any other patient in the trauma program.

Kohl's Cares Program

What to do When your Child Gets Sick, a program funded by Kohl’s Cares, helped lead to a 6% decrease in repeat low acuity visits to the Emergency Room at Children’s Medical Center Dallas in its inaugural year.


Elianna was born with two severe heart defects and had her first heart surgery when she was just 13 days old and her heart was the size of walnut.

Emergency Room Renovation

Children's Health has begun construction on a $56 million, multi-year renovation to its emergency room at Children’s Medical Center Dallas, its flagship hospital.