Why Help?

Fueled by generosity for more than a century, Children's Health now provides world-class care to approximately 200,000 children every year. Children whose hearts need repair. Children with rare forms of cancer. Children whose bones are broken. Children who deserve care that is second-to-none.

Our vision for the future is only possible with the continued support of our community. When you support Children's you are helping us reach our goals to ...

Give every child care that is second-to-none.

To do this, we must keep pace with the rapid advancements in pediatric medicine. Doing so requires constant reinvestment in specialized facilities and equipment, new technologies, physician recruitment, clinical research, and medical education - in collaboration with one of the nation's best medical schools, UT Southwestern.

Change the course of medicine and, potentially, the world.

We have set an ambitious goal for the Children's Medical Center Research Institute at UT Southwestern: to transform the way physicians treat childhood diseases. Major breakthroughs seldom come from timid measures; research must be characterized by a high-risk/high-impact approach. The facility has been built. The team is already assembling. Now we must continue to recruit the most talented investigators, to fund their bold research initiatives, and to establish endowments for the long-term, sustained funding of their world-changing science.

Serve the deepest needs of families in crisis.

When a child is hospitalized, fear, apprehension, and extreme disruption to work and home life takes a toll on the entire family. That's why Children's treats the entire family. Our on-site school helps patients keep up with their studies. An art and music therapy program reduces the anxiety patients and their siblings confront when there is serious illness. An innovative program called Funnyatrics entertains patients and families, bringing much-needed levity into their days. These important services produce no revenue, and insurance doesn't cover them. Yet they are crucial parts of the healing - and sometimes the grieving - process. We depend on your philanthropy to help us keep our promise of caring for the whole family.

Fortify the health of the entire community.

We are opening Pediatric Group practices in neighborhoods across the metroplex, giving parents a "medical home" for their children. They can schedule appointments and get checkups, immunizations, and care for nonemergency illnesses. And for children whose chronic illnesses require expertise from multiple specialists, we are establishing a full array of integrated programs to improve all aspects of their lives - making our region healthier for generations to come and one of the best places in America to grow up.

Our Children's Stories

Our patients have some remarkable stories. While these brave children battle serious conditions, each shares a common story of hope, courage and determination.

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Our Donor's Stories

Caring individuals, families, corporations and foundations support our mission of making life better for children. Read their stories and learn why.

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The Impact Of Your Gift

Children's Health has been caring for children for over 100 years. And, although many things have changed, one thing has remained the same - the passionate commitment of our supporters to help fulfill our mission to make life better for children. Gifts to Children's touch children's lives and make a difference.

As a result of the impact our donors made in 2013:

To save a life. To change a life. To make a life better.

The opportunity to provide hope and healing to a sick child is truly profound. We are deeply grateful for the individuals, organizations and community members who took that opportunity and supported our mission in 2012 and 2013. Through their generous gifts of time, energy and financial contributions, we were able to make major strides in lifesaving research, to expand needed programs and facilities, and to recruit best-in-class doctors, nurses and other dedicated health care workers from across the country and around the globe. Perhaps just as importantly, we were able to deliver the reassurance to children and their families that they were receiving some of the very best care anywhere in the world ‐ a priceless gift made possible thanks to our generous supporters.

2012-2013 Contributions By Designation

Unrestricted:    $11,995,431.70
Research:    $36,344,433.58
Complex Clinical Care:    $22,509,132.65
Patient & Family Services:    $3,698,420.58
Population Health:    $5,547,693.01
Construction / Capital:    $14,728,684.72
Total:    $94,823,796.24

2012-2013 Contributions By Constituency

Corporations:    $6,798,296.71
Estates & Trusts:    $2,657,599.20
Individuals, Family Foundations and Donor Advised Funds:    $49,812,186.28
Foundations:    $25,462,772.32
Organizations:    $10,092,941.73
Construction / Capital:    $14,728,684.72
Total:    $94,823,796.24

On behalf of the hundreds of thousands of children who seek care at our hospital each year, thank you for your continued, generous support. We will continue to honor deeply your investment and to steward thoughtfully the resourced you have entrusted to us.

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