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Changemakers for Children’s is a group of enthusiastic individuals who will have the opportunity to fundraise, lead and take action for the cause of Children’s Health. Equipped with a toolkit of fundraising and leadership skills, with a passion to make life better for children, Changemakers will make an impact in their high schools and in their spheres of influence by leading the charge to fundraise, inspire action and raise awareness for Children’s Health.   


Children’s Health is a not-for-profit health system, and when you raise funds on behalf of Children’s Health, you are choosing to support the mission to make life better for children. As a Changemakers for Children’s Leader, your club will host four activities per academic year to raise at least $1000 per year to support Children’s Health. For Changemakers for Children’s Members who aren’t a part of an official club, you’ll work to raise at least $500. Every single dollar you raise makes a difference in the life of a child.


A Changemakers for Children’s Club is a group of two or more Changemakers for Children’s members that have committed to come together for a common purpose to fundraise, lead and take action for the cause of Children’s Health. This dedicated group of high school students will plan, collaborate and raise awareness to change the lives of children in need. As an officially recognized club in their schools or in their homes, all meetings and activities are aligned with Children’s Health’s mission to make life better for children.

Take Action

To learn more about the mission you support, you’ll get insider access to all volunteer and informational events hosted by Children’s Medical Center Foundation. To help raise awareness for the cause of Children’s Health, invite a friend or family member to join you! To get connected, Children’s Medical Center Foundation will also host several Meet Ups throughout the year so that Changemakers from Dallas, Plano and surrounding areas can connect with one another, share stories and accomplishments, and hear from special speakers. Bring your friends and get ready to connect!

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