Fundraise for Children's Health

Are you ready to be a superhero? Join us as we stand strong, provide hope and raise funds to fight childhood illnesses and injuries. Together, we can make a real difference for patients, families and team members at Children's Health.

When you create a fundraiser, you can choose from five programs at Children's Health to designate your fundraising and every dollar you raise goes directly to your area of choice. Utilize the power of your social networks to create a movement that helps make life better for children at Children's Health.

How are you associated with Children's Health?

  • Grateful Patient Family

    If you or one of your family members has been treated at Children's Health and you'd like to give back in appreciation of the care you received, click here.

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  • Community Member

    If you a member of the community who wants to start an online fundraiser for Children's Health, click here.

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All of us at Children’s Health are grateful for the generosity that allows us to remain a trusted, world-class healthcare resource for the kids and families of North Texas.