A legacy to success – 10 years, $8.4 million

Over the past 10 years, we have had the opportunity to advance our mission of making life better for children by hosting the Red Balloon Run & Ride event. Hundreds of teams were created by you, our amazing community, to collectively raise more than $8.4 million dollars to support all areas of Children’s Health.

In Spring of 2021, we will transition the Red Balloon Run & Ride into the “Red Balloon League”, a community-wide group of Children’s Health champions, including patient families, team members, corporate partners, community supporters and more. We are excited to evolve the Red Balloon Run and Ride into a new community engagement that offers past and future supporters the opportunity to continue to advocate for our mission through a multitude of initiatives, including peer-to-peer fundraising.

Similar to the Red Balloon Run & Ride, each team and individual fundraiser will continue to have the ability to select your preferred designation area for the funds you are raising. Look for more information on how to get involved in the upcoming months.

A special thanks to each of you who have played a role in making the Red Balloon Run & Ride a huge success over the years. Because of your service and support, its legacy will live on in the hearts and minds of the North Texas community. We look forward to embracing this new chapter as we continue to band together to fight for our most courageous heroes, our patients.

For more information, please visit redballoonleague.com or contact Kyra Barnett, Children’s Medical Center Foundation.