Legacy Match Campaign

The Legacy Match Campaign is designed to inspire our donors to make estate commitments for the future, which are then matched by current gift dollars for vital Children's Health℠ programs. This program allows you to leverage your estate gifts to help future generations of children and meet our current needs.  The campaign will support Children’s Health during North Texas Giving Day -- an annual online giving event on Sept. 23 that inspires people to give back to the community and support causes close to their hearts. When you make a legacy gift from Aug. 1 through Sept. 23, you are making life better for children across North Texas.

How To Participate in the Match

  1. Name Children’s Health in your will, living trust, beneficiary of your retirement plan or insurance policy. You also can create a charitable gift annuity or charitable remainder trust for the benefit of Children’s Health. Estate gifts, which are already in place but have not been shared with us, can qualify, too.
  2. Download the Legacy Challenge Campaign Notification Form and send the completed form to nicola.lawrence@childrens.com.
  3. Once we receive your notification form, a current match of 10 percent of the value of your future gift -- up to a maximum amount of $25,000 -- will be available for you to direct to the hospital program of your choice. We will contact you to identify the program you prefer, and the gift will be made to the program in your honor. If you prefer to keep the estimated value of your gift private, a donation of $1,000 will be made in your honor.


  • What kinds of gifts qualify for the Legacy Gift Challenge 2021 Match?

    Planned gifts eligible for the match include bequests in a will or substitute, such as a living trust. Beneficiary designations from retirement accounts, retirement accounts, charitable lead or remainder trusts. Other options include charitable gift annuities or commercial annuities; transfer on death for bank accounts; real estate; or DAFs.

  • Who do I inform Children’s Health of my plans?

    Gifts can be shared with your relationship manager or returned directly to Children’s Health by using the Legacy Challenge Campaign Gift Confirmation Form. This is available in the section above or by contacting Nicola Lawrence, Director of Legacy and Gift Planning, at 469-744-1986.

  • Where can I direct the match?

    The match can be directed to your choice of our four priority designations: mental and behavioral health programs, enhancements to the Dallas campus, expansion of the Plano campus or clinical research. Your future legacy gift can be designated to one of these four areas or an area of your choosing, including your existing endowment.

  • How do I document my gift?

    You can document your gift by filling in the Legacy Challenge Confirmation form and returning it to the Foundation via email to nicola.lawrence@childrens.com. Alternatively you can go online at childrens.com/mywill to create a will or freewill.com/beneficiaries/childrens to inform us of beneficiary designations. Please note that the gift confirmation form is not binding, and your decision can be changed at any time. 

  • Why create my legacy plan now?

    By sharing your legacy intentions now, you are helping Children’s Health make a difference now through our North Texas Giving Day campaign and joining others in ensuring a future world-class care for the children of our community. Most importantly, your gift also makes certain those you love are provided for. It is especially important in 2021 to consider your estate plans as we all look toward the proposed changes in estate and capital gains taxes. If you would like information on how to plan effectively, please call Nicola Lawrence at 469-744-1986. Alternatively, visit childrens.com/mywill to make a free will or share your beneficiary designations.

  • How much will be matched?

    When you make a gift, 10 percent of the confirmed gift amount up to $250,000 (maximum of $25,000) will be matched.

    For example, if you put a $100,000 gift in place, you can designate $10,000 for a current use and secure your future gift to Children’s Health for $100,000.


For any questions about the match opportunity or how to plan your gift, please contact Nicola Lawrence, Director of Legacy and Gift Planning at 469-744-4189 or email at nicola.lawrence@childrens.com.