Children’s Health and the Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute to collaborate

Nearly every child or teen face challenges as they grow. Changes or disruptions at home, bullying and pressures to succeed at school, a death or other painful loss, extensive and growing use of social media, managing a chronic illness, or simply because it isn’t easy making the transformation from child to adult. Life’s complications can heighten emotions, causing changes in behavior, anxiety, depression or eating disorders.

Mental health is one of the largest, most complicated, and costly challenges in pediatric health care today. 

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Our current situation demands innovative solutions that can lead to dramatic changes in treatment and prevention as soon as possible.

Children’s Health and the Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute (MMHPI) have collaborated to create an ambitious plan to address the pediatric mental health crisis in North Texas. Rather than caring for kids’ needs at the breaking point, our approach will empower primary care providers across the community, allowing for earlier identification and treatment of kids’ mental health conditions, before they escalate. Strengthening and redistributing the knowledge of how to effectively integrate mental health screening and treatment is the most direct, cost-effective and sustainable way to re-chart the current trajectory of pediatric mental health outcomes for Texas children. 

Children’s Health has received a challenge grant of $7.5 million from long-time supporter, the Hamon Charitable Foundation, which was established by the late Jake and Nancy Hamon. The generous challenge grant is given to encourage and inspire others to help launch and support this innovative initiative to educate and train pediatricians to diagnose and treat low to moderate depression and anxiety. This groundbreaking approach will have a broad reach and provide a solution for families across North Texas for generations. As such, Children’s Health is currently raising funds to meet this challenge and begin charting a path forward. A contribution toward pediatric mental health would double in impact and help advance this critical solution to a critical problem.


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