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As a member of the Board of Directors, you dedicate your time and talents to furthering our mission to make life better for children. As we embark upon the most significant fundraising campaign in Children's Health℠ history, our Board members will play an essential role in the successful completion of campaign goals by serving as community ambassadors and assisting with campaign outreach and solicitation efforts. The resources below serve to equip and empower you as an ambassador for Children’s Health – the leading not-for-profit pediatric health system in North Texas.

We look forward to partnering with you!

Campaign Talking Points

  • Why is Children’s Health important to me?

    Inspire friends, family and colleagues with a personal perspective and response to this question.

  • Why is a campaign needed?

    As Children’s Health looks to the future, we’re preparing for explosive growth in North Texas’s pediatric population, which is expected to nearly triple by 2050. Additionally, patient needs are rapidly evolving, often requiring advanced, specialized care for patients with high acuity and complex cases, as well as those with mental health needs.

    Together, Children’s Health and UT Southwestern Medical Center are embracing this seminal moment to develop a bold vision for the future of pediatric care in North Texas, reaffirming our commitment to deliver a brighter, healthier future for every child.

    We’re in the quiet phase of an unprecedented campaign to invest in our hospital campuses, research and mental health programs. Early investments by philanthropic leaders will ensure this vision becomes a reality. Your support will position Children’s Health to meet our community’s needs through the most innovative medical advances and unrivaled patient care across generations to come.

  • Why is Children’s Health uniquely positioned to address these critical community needs?

    Children’s Health is one of the largest and best nonprofit pediatric health care providers in the country, and the leading pediatric health system in North Texas. For more than 100 years, we’ve been making life better for children.

    UT Southwestern and Children’s Health have worked together for more than six decades to provide health care for children. Together, we are the only joint pediatric enterprise in North Texas with the depth of experience and breadth of specialties to handle the most complex clinical care for kids.

  • What is Children’s Health raising funds for?

    Children’s Health has identified three priorities which, through generous philanthropic funding, will ensure that we have the capacity and ability to address the growing and specialized needs of our community’s pediatric population.

    • Capital Enhancements and Expansion
    • Research
    • Mental Health Programs
  • Campaign Timeline (Overall)

    2019 – Children’s Health and UT Southwestern solidified their partnership with the formation of a joint pediatric enterprise to build upon our respective expertise and collective strengths. Together, a shared vision and governance structure will shape strategic planning and chart the course for the future of pediatric health in North Texas and beyond.

    2021, Fall – Guided by the Joint Pediatric Enterprise strategic priorities, campaign objectives and goals are established. Quiet Phase of a comprehensive campaign is launched.

    2021, Fall - Thanks to generous early support, Children’s Health breaks ground on significant expansion of its Plano Campus.

Our Vision for the Future

Now is the time to ensure we are ready to meet the unique and wide-ranging needs of generations to come. As we envision the next chapter of Children’s Health, our funding priorities include: 

  • Mental and Behavioral Health Programs

    Mental health needs among children are increasing in prevalence and complexity. They are compounded by many factors, including social and cultural stigmas, limited specialists, lack of training and comfort about treating these issues for many pediatricians, and low reimbursement rates. Children’s Health's goal is to increase access to quality care and to help extend and strengthen the resources available for children and families in need. 

    Children’s Health is home to one of the nation’s most comprehensive pediatric psychiatry and psychology program with four different levels of care and a spectrum of services and programs. In collaboration with Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute, we've created an ambitious plan to address the pediatric mental health crisis in North Texas. Rather than caring for kids’ needs at the breaking point, our approach will empower primary care providers across the community, allowing for earlier identification and treatment of kids’ mental health conditions—before they escalate.

  • Research

    Clinical research puts theories and basic science research into action that can benefit patients at the bedside. Children’s Health is a leader in clinical research, and significant breakthroughs have been made at Children’s because of our ability to conduct this research. Often, it provides a last beacon of hope for patients and their families who have exhausted all other treatment options. Clinical research crosses all disciplines – from cancer to neurology to ophthalmology to infectious disease – and the impact of this work is limitless. 

    In 2011, Children’s Medical Center Research Institute at UT Southwestern (CRI) was established as a joint venture designed to combine Children’s Health’s comprehensive clinical expertise and the internationally recognized scientific environment of UT Southwestern Medical Center. CRI represents an unprecedented opportunity for interdisciplinary groups of high-caliber scientists and physicians to pursue research at the interface of stem cell biology, cancer and metabolism. 

  • Campus Enhancements and Expansion

    Demand for health care in North Texas continues to increase with the population growth in North Texas projected to outpace the national average, bringing the total number of children in the region to nearly three million by 2050. Enhancements and expansion will ensure we are able to keep up with population growth and serve our community with excellence.  

    Since the current hospital was built in 1967, Children’s Medical Center Dallas has become the premier site for complex, comprehensive pediatric care in the region. We have made groundbreaking advancements in medicine while serving as the only Level 1 pediatric trauma facility in North Texas. 

    In January 2020, Children’s Health announced plans to expand Children’s Medical Center Plano allowing us to bring high-quality care closer to home. Our expansion plans include the addition of a 350,000-square-foot tower housing expanded specialty care programs, as well as the ability to care for patients with more acute needs in the northern neighborhoods of North Texas. 


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