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The Women's Auxiliary is a non-profit organization established in 1962 by leaders in our community with a mission to render efficient and effective service to all units of Children's Health℠. Our members have been dedicated ambassadors of Children's Health for the past 50 years.

Letter from the President

We are beginning another great year with the Women’s Auxiliary to Children’s Medical Center Plano and we will continue the journey we began in 2010: to support Children’s mission to make life better for children.  We are an organization committed to being mission driven, family centered and multi-generational. Knowledge, productivity, and community engagement are essential tools that help us succeed when working for the greater good. It is possible that this coming year will face some new challenges and opportunities as our country continues to fight COVID-19 but we will persevere! Change can be a pathway to opportunity!

Please join us in the many opportunities we have available to volunteer through our Auxiliary. We help to make patients and families as comfortable as possible through distribution of basic necessity items from our patient cart, we provide every child needing surgery a bear to hug, we provide comfort through production and distribution of our no-sew blankets for patients and throughout the year our auxiliary members encourage and recognize Children’s staff members for their amazing dedication to the families and patients they serve. 

Our auxiliary is also very active with our events throughout the year. Among those are family events like Red Balloon Run & Ride and Santa’s Workshop. Our Legacy of Love Benefit and Fashion Show is a special evening filled with fun, food, fashion and fellowship. This benefit is a signature spring fundraiser within our community. Funds raised at these events continue to support hospital needs and play an essential role in enhancing important programs in the hospital. A portion of the money we raised this past year will play a crucial role in the addition to our existing playground so that it can be enjoyed by children of all physical abilities. 

As I take on this new role, I would especially like to thank our outgoing president, Tracy Tomson, for her significant contributions and tireless work on behalf the Women’s Auxiliary, especially through this past turbulent spring and summer. I also want to take this opportunity to thank the 2019-2020 Board for their dedication and hard work. I have enjoyed being a part of this dedicated and fun group of ladies who are the backbone of this organization.

I look forward to the year ahead and know I am not alone on this journey! I will work in partnership with the Children’s Foundation and you, our members, who share the mission and vision. I am profoundly grateful for your involvement in the Women’s Auxiliary and thank those who support, fund, and donate to aid in this work. I invite you to share your ideas, thoughts, and feedback. I look forward to hearing from you, and to seeing you at our upcoming meetings, volunteer opportunities and events.

Joan C. Smith
2020-2021 President
Women’s Auxiliary to Children’s Medical Center Plano

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    The Women's Auxiliary carries out its mission by raising funds to support high-need areas of the hospital. Thank you for helping us.

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    Membership is open to all women committed to the Auxiliary’s mission of helping Children's Health make life better for children.

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  • Events and Projects

    We carry out our mission by raising funds to support high needs areas of the hospital through several annual fundraising projects and events.

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  • Leadership

    Congratulations to our 2020-2021 officers. Your leadership will help Children's Health fulfill its mission to make life better for children.

    • President
      Joan Smith 
    • President-Elect
      Allison Doyle 
    • Treasurer
      Jean Callison 
    • Treasurer-Elect
      Melanie Wong 
    • Recording Secretary
      Michelle Lauck 
    • Corresponding Secretary
      Christel Morrison 
    • Parliamentarian
      Tracy Tomson 
    • Boo Yard Sign Challenge
      Brenda Harrell 
    • Communications
      Beth Webb 
    • Deck the Halls
      Kelly Noonan 
    • Deck the Halls-Elect*
      Linda Jung Wong 
    • Graphic Design*
      Melissa Bullock 
    • Hospitality
      Dian Hopson and Joa Muns 
    • Legacy of Love Benefit & Fashion Show
      Sharon Yager 
    • Membership
      Joyce Logan and Sheri Steele 
    • Newsletter*
      Heather Webb 
    • Nominating
      Heather Lothes 
    • Patient Support
      Kathy Schell 
    • Patient/Family Support Cart
      Debi Means and Marilyn Mahoney 
    • Patient Support Blanket Coordinator*
      Jennifer Johnson 
    • Patient Support Hospital Holiday Party Coordinator*
      Elyse Graver and Beth Vasil 
    • Red Balloon Run & Ride
      Lisa Norton 
    • Santa’s Workshop
      René Neely and Donna Watkins 
    • Santa’s Workshop-Elect*
      Jenna Maynard 
    • Social Media*
      Lori Antonioli 
    • Special Events
      Nannette Pirek 
    • Sponsor Development
      Lisa Raskin and Carol Schauer 
    • Staff Appreciation
      Patricia Johnson 
    • Staff Appreciation Basket Coordinator*
      Janie Burke 
    • Staff Appreciation/Holiday Gift Wrap Coordinator*
      Justine Sweeney 

    *Ex officio, non-voting members of the Board of Directors

  • Lifetime Members

    Update Lifetime Membership Information

    Plano Lifetime Members (as of March 2021)

    • Susan Abernethy
    • Lara Ashmore
    • Stephanie Barnes
    • Carrie Benson
    • Jennifer Berry
    • Denise Bickel
    • Wendy Blackwell
    • Sandy Brennan
    • Donna Bryant
    • Karla Bryant
    • Jean Callison
    • Nora C. Carter
    • Rebecca Egelston Caso
    • Traci Chrisman
    • Phyllis Cole
    • Laura Curran
    • Betsy deVenny
    • Allison Doyle
    • Cristina Durovich
    • Jennifer Edgeworth
    • Lucy Edling
    • Wendy Engibous
    • Casey Erdmann
    • Wanda B. Farr
    • Nina Felt
    • Dawn Gall
    • Pamela Grant-Clark
    • Lisa Guerrero
    • Sherie Hammett
    • Holly Hassmann
    • Stephanie Hilburn
    • Diane Hopson
    • Joyce Houlihan
    • Ronelle Ianace
    • Patricia Johnson
    • Mindy Lefevre
    • Cece Liekar
    • Nicki Loper
    • Marilyn Mahoney
    • Kathy Manack
    • Downie Mathis
    • Jenni McGaha
    • Christi W. Mitchell
    • Joa Muns
    • Kimberly Nelon
    • Lisa Norton
    • Mary O'Hanlon
    • Belinda Orland
    • Linda Paulk
    • Ashleigh Pogue
    • Nicole Powell
    • Marlo Pulliam
    • Lisa Raskin
    • Abby Ray
    • Traci Redding
    • Jan Richey
    • Kathi Rupp
    • Carol P. Schauer
    • Kathy Schell
    • Teresa Sinacola
    • Colleen Smith
    • Joan Smith
    • Sheri Steele
    • Jenny Stutler
    • April Tate
    • Tracy Tomson
    • Ruthie Vander Lugt
    • Sherrie Varrichio
    • Lisa Viguet
    • Beth Webb
    • Nancy B. Welwood
    • Lisa Phelan Wellen
    • Allison Whitfield
    • Pamela Wohlers
    • Sharon Yager
    • Tina Young
  • Hospital Support

    The Women's Auxiliary supports Children's Health in many ways:

    Staff Support

    Throughout the year, teams of Auxiliary members express their appreciation to the staff at Children’s for their commitment to the hospital, our patients and their families. Baskets of treats are provided to show our support and gratitude for their hard work and dedication to those in the greatest of need.

    Patient Support

    At the Plano Campus, the Auxiliary's Patient Support Committee has many ways for volunteers to get involved. Volunteers ;participate in making fleece blankets for patients, collecting special treats and distributing holiday goodie bags during Halloween and Easter, assisting children with holiday crafts and activities during the annual Tree Lighting event and coordinating a patient family dinner. We help make the patient’s stay (and their family’s) at the hospital as comfortable as possible by delivering complimentary snacks and toiletries via the Patient/Family Support Cart. Drives are conducted throughout the year to collect items for the cart and other patient support programs including:

    • Snacks and toiletries for the Patient/Family Support Cart
    • Fleece fabric for blanket projects
    • Art supplies for the Eating Disorders Clinic
    • Crayons and coloring books
    • Halloween and Easter goodies

    The Patient/Family Support Cart makes a huge impact on thousands of patient families. We are pleased to provide this service and thank American Hotel Registry, GoGo Squeez & Niagara Bottling for their continued support to this complimentary service. If you would like to help, please contact patientsupport.plano@childrensauxiliary.org to get involved.

  • History of Giving

    Since 1962, the Auxiliary has continued its tradition and rich history of service to Children’s Medical Center by raising funds for hospital priorities through annual fundraising events and special projects. Through the incredible generosity and countless volunteer hours of its members and a community of friends and supporters, the Auxiliary has gifted more than $22 million to Children’s.

    The following is a list of gifts made by the Women’s Auxiliary to Children’s Medical Center Dallas and Plano chapters:

    Construction and Renovation

    • 12th Floor Critical Care Unit at Children's Dallas (wePromise Campaign gift)
    • Center of Excellence in Godly Play
    • Children's Garden
    • Emergency Department renovation
    • Gift Shop and Admitting area renovations
    • The Heart Center
    • ICU Room in honor of George Farr
    • ICU Room in honor of Linda Harris
    • Krissi Holman Family Resource Library and Children's Collection
    • Neurology EEG room
    • Nourishment Room - Children's Plano
    • Pauline Allen Gill Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders
    • Pediatric Intensive Care Unit renovations
    • Renovations to the Psychiatric Unit and Intensive Care Unit waiting rooms
    • School classroom for the patient education program
    • Team work Station - Children's Medical Center Plano
    • Three operating suites at CHildren's Dallas (Diamond Jubilee Campaign gift)
    • Transfusion service improvements and outpatient phlebotomy lab
    • Transport services communications system improvement
    • Women's Auxiliary Playground


    • Asthma education pilot program
    • Bilingual services initiative education and evaluation
    • Clinical Research
    • Diabetes nurse educator
    • Home health care teaching guides
    • Management and staff development
    • Pathology/Lab multimedia computer systems
    • Patient preparation materials
    • Plating distracting module for plastic surgery
    • Sepsis simulation equipment and training software
    • Toughbooks with charging stations


    • Audiovisual carts for Pediatric Trauma
    • Beds and cribs
    • C-Arm portable X-ray for Pediatric Trauma
    • Children's Corner Gift Shop Systems Improvement
    • Diagnostic equipment for the Fetal Neonatal Program
    • DVD players and movies
    • External pacemakers for Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit
    • ICU televisions and VCRs
    • Infant immobilization chair
    • iPads and customized stands
    • Laerdal SimBaby for Respiratory Care
    • Laerdal SimKid and Glidescope
    • Life-support equipment
    • Monitor and warmers for the Seay Emergency Center
    • Neonatal patient room equipment and crib
    • NOMAD Pro handheld X-ray Systems
    • Orthodontic Scanner
    • Ottobock Kima Strollers
    • Oxygen blenders and ECMO equipment
    • Pagers for ICU families and parent amenity kits
    • Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS)
    • Playground at Children's Plano
    • Portable defibrillator/oximeter for Children's Transport Service
    • Portable X-ray machine
    • Pro Pac Monitor for Transport Service
    • Rehabilitation and Therapy Services
    • Security safes for patient rooms
    • Sleep-monitoring equipment
    • Stryker cribs for operating rooms and operating room microscopes
    • Surgical robotic arms and cameras
    • Volunteer Management software
    • Wheelchairs for the Seay Emergency Center
    • Wheelchairs for teen population
    • Zoll X Series Monitors for Children's Transport Services


    • Arts & Humanities
    • Art Therapy
    • Bear Hugs
    • Beads of Courage
    • Bereavement Care
    • Camp Moss
    • Car Seat Safety
    • Center for Pediatric Eating Disorders
    • Child Life
    • Child Life - Funnyatricks ProgramTM
    • Children's Centennial History Book
    • Children's Health Andrews Institute for Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine
    • Children's Health Response Fund
    • Children's Mental Health Fund
    • Children's Plano 10-Year Carnival Celebration
    • Children's Research Institute
    • Comprehensive Gait and Mobility Program
    • Earn Nose and Throat (ENT) Program
    • Electronics package for patient infusion rooms at CCBD
    • Employee Care Fund
    • Endoscopy Lab/Omegaven Trial
    • Extracorporeal Membranous Oxygenation (ECMO) Program
    • Foster Care
    • The Heart Center - Neurodevelopmental Program
    • Indigent Care
    • Language Access Services
    • Music Therapy
    • Neonatal parent education
    • Pastoral Care
    • Patient and patient-family snack baskets for infusion rooms at Gill Center
    • Patient Family Support Services
    • Patient education program
    • Pediatric Intensive Care Unit - Child Life Specialist
    • Pediatric Stroke Project
    • Pet Therapy Program
    • Prenatal Dental Program
    • Recreational Art Program
    • Referral and Evaluation of At-Risk Children (REACH)
    • School-based Telebehavioral Health
    • School-based Telehealth program
    • Seay Emergency Center - Nitrous Oxide Program
    • Senior Nursing Student Day
    • Sensory integration assessment/treatment
    • Suicide Prevention and Resilience at Children's Program (SPARC)
    • Summer teen volunteers
    • Teen Recovery Program
    • TeleNICU Services
    • Virtual Health

    Scholarships and Seminars

    • Huvelle Memorial Loan Fund for Residents
    • James Farnsworth Health Careers Scholarship Endowment
    • Kenneth C. Haltalin Pediatric Seminar
    • Pastoral Care Seminar
    • Women's Auxiliary Scholarship Fund