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The Women's Auxiliary is a non-profit organization established in 1962 by leaders in our community with a mission to render efficient and effective service to all units of Children's Health. Our members have been dedicated ambassadors of Children's Health for the past 60 years.

Letter from the President

I am humbled and honored to serve as the 2021-2022 President of the Women’s Auxiliary to Children’s Medical Center Dallas. After I moved to Dallas nine years ago, a friend asked me to become a member of the Auxiliary. I was hesitant to join, because I did not know anyone, but I soon found myself decorating wreaths for Deck the Halls, taking my daughter and her friends to Breakfast with Santa Spectacular and Sundaes on Sunday, and, two years later, chairing Family Night at Six Flags. While those are fun events to do with the family, I learned that the Auxiliary provides other equally rewarding volunteer programs, such as delivering baskets of snacks for families of patients and serving meals New Year’s Eve to those spending the holidays in the hospital. These are reminders of why what we do in the Auxiliary is so important and has a meaningful impact on the children and families served at the hospital. I am reminded daily of this, as anytime we go into the community for support, it is an overwhelming “yes”, because the services and level of care Children’s provides is known and valued. We are lucky to have such a resource in our backyard.

I also want to give a shout out to former President, Kristin Mitchell. Kristin led the Auxiliary fearlessly through unprecedented times due to the pandemic. Forced to cancel our signature fundraisers, Kristin and her Board of Directors put their heads together and came up with creative ways to raise money for the hospital and successfully raised over $612,000 in a year when there were no in-person fundraising events! Several results of their creative thinking will continue going forward. Most meaningful was the creation of A Season of Giving, benefiting Breakfast with Santa Spectacular. Through this fundraising effort, we were able to honor the tradition of celebrating the holiday season in the hospital, and for the first time provided virtual visits and story time with the beloved NorthPark Santa to hospital patients ‒ something I am happy to say will return this year! 

Who knows what this year will bring in terms of our current health crisis, but I know with the support of the Foundation and the incredible group of women in the Auxiliary, we will do our best to support Children’s in the same way this group has done for 60 years! Which brings me to this impressive milestone in our history! As this is the 60th anniversary of the Auxiliary, we will celebrate and honor this in a couple of ways throughout the year. First, I am excited to announce that we will have a Mahjong Fundraiser which is almost already sold out. Second, we are honored to bring back an exclusive custom Radko Ornament, inspired by patient artwork. The limited holiday-edition ornament will be for sale beginning this fall and throughout the holiday season. We also have some other fun things in store to celebrate 60 years, so be sure to read your emails and newsletters!

Please join me this year not only in being a part of the Auxiliary, but also in experiencing it! Please take a moment to browse our website to learn more about our fundraisers and ways to get involved. Thank you for joining me in continuing the legacy of the Women’s Auxiliary as a great supporter of Children’s. I look forward to working with all of you!


Lisa Rocchio
2021-2022 President
Women’s Auxiliary to Children’s Medical Center Dallas

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2020-21 Women's Auxiliary Dallas Photos

  • Leadership

    Congratulations to our 2021-2022 officers. Your leadership will help Children's Health fulfill its mission to make life better for children.

    • President
      Lisa Rocchio
    • President-Elect
      Courtney Gilbert
    • Treasurer
      Brittany Glendenning
    • Treasurer-Elect
      Bobbi Shaw
    • Recording Secretary
      Ginny Searcy
    • Corresponding Secretary
      Arden Ellis
    • Parliamentarian
      Kristin Mitchell
    • Advisory
      Kristin Mitchell
    • Boo Yard Sign Challenge
      Sarah Hall
      Natalie Lesikar
      Madison Strode
    • Breakfast with Santa Spectacular
      Brittney Hunt
      Chelsea Hunt
      Lisa Macaraeg
    • Breakfast with Santa Spectacular-Elect
      Amy McEvoy
    • Change for Children’s
      Jessica Barnett
      Joanne Gates
      Carrie Hanna
      Merritt Quigley
      Kacy Tolleson
    • Children's Art Projects - Holiday Cards
      Nikki Kapioltas
      Alexa Spears
    • Children's Art Projects - Ornament
      Andrea Nayfa
    • Children’s Toy Closet
      Elise Danner
      Ali Watkins
    • Communications and Social Media
      Lisa Leet
    • Deck the Halls
      Allison Fainter
      Angie Ratliff
    • Deck the Halls-Elect
      Suzie Curnes
      Audra Hopper
    • Family Night at Six Flags
      Katy Brooks
      Megan Brooks
      Elle Finney
      Mary Catherine Finney
      Meredith Finney
    • Family Support
      Joanna Clarke
      Shelley Moore
      Amy Opsal
      Elizabeth Post
      Gita Shah
      Amy Thompson
    • Gift Shop
      Claire Bussard
      Caitlin Stinnett
    • Gift Shop Treasurer
      Ashley Dana
    • Gifts
      Lindsey Miller
      Lauren Swann
    • Hospitality
      Monica Knake
      Jamie Singer
    • Membership
      Stephanie Berry
      Haylie Crouch
      Lara Gaither
      Anna Moss
      Charlotte Savage
      Beth Smith
    • Mother’s Day Weekend Dinner
      Joanna Clarke
      Annie Fernandez
    • New Year's Eve Dinner
      Sally Dutter
      Monica Egert Smith
    • Nominating
      Amy Lobner
    • Public Relations
      Melissa Graham
    • Special Events
      Sally Dutter
      Jennifer Gunnin
      Mary Margaret Spies
      Laura Zeballos
    • Staff Appreciation
      Amy Prestidge
      Mollie Shelby
    • Sundaes on Sunday
      Emily Haddock
      Kelley Ledford
      Katie Tauscher


    • Julie Bagley
    • Jill C. Bee
    • Lindsay Billingsley
    • Mary C Corrigan
    • Marie Crowe
    • Christina Durovich
    • Chelsea Duvall
    • Dansby Erwin
    • Gini Florer
    • Jennifer Knox
    • Becky Lacour
    • Carolyn Lane
    • Holly Lawrence
    • Andi Lemme
    • Katherine Lewis
    • Katy Miller
    • Aphrodite Paulos
    • Carol Piering
    • Lillian Richey
    • Bryanna Roop
    • Margot Ruebel
    • Katie Walters
    • Kirsa Williams
    • Liz Young
  • Lifetime Members

    Dallas Lifetime Members (as of September 2021) 

    • Carol Aaron
    • Tracy Gardner Aaron
    • Tammi Abney
    • Kamela Aboussie
    • Kara Adam
    • Gigi Allen
    • Carly Allen-Martin
    • JoAnn Altenau
    • Nancy Seay Anderson
    • Marilyn Augur
    • Julie Bagley
    • Clara Bahner
    • Susan Bailey
    • Betty Baird
    • Kloe Barcus
    • Kyra Barnett
    • Angie Barrett
    • Courtney Barrow
    • Cyndi Bassel
    • Martha Lou Beaird
    • Meg Beaird
    • Patricia Beckett
    • Carrie Becker
    • Jill C. Bee
    • Jennifer Berry
    • Carol Beveridge
    • Lindsay Billingsley
    • Kathy Bishop
    • Laura Blackman
    • Ragan Blackmon
    • Sue Blackwell
    • Ann Blankenship
    • Dawn M. Blankenship
    • Cordelia F. Boone
    • Tara Bozman
    • Maura Bradshaw
    • Peggy Braecklein
    • Jennifer Bridges
    • Nancy Briggs
    • Terri Brittingham
    • Katy Brooks
    • Megan Brooks
    • Angie Clayton Brown
    • Beth Brown
    • Susan E. Brown
    • Tracey Brown
    • Charlotte Browning
    • Regina Bruce
    • Paula Bruton
    • Lucy Burns
    • Teresa Bryant
    • Lauren Byrd
    • Nancy Byrd
    • Christie Cahoon
    • Catherine Callahan
    • Danna Campbell
    • Ashley Campfield
    • Mohler Carlson
    • Mackenzie Carpenter
    • Emily Carrigan
    • Leslie Carroll
    • Tonya Carroll
    • Amanda Cejka
    • Stephanie Carvell
    • Laura Chavoya
    • Tracy Cheatham
    • Gail Cheney
    • Julie Clark
    • Sarah Clark
    • Joanna Clarke
    • Meredith Clavenna
    • Brenda Cockerell
    • Anne Coke
    • Serena Cole
    • Libby Collet
    • Anne-Louise Collins
    • Judy Collins-Kirkpatrick
    • Marybeth Conlon
    • Lauren G. Conway
    • Ann Corrigan
    • Katy Corrigan
    • Mary C Corrigan
    • Maura Costello
    • Carrie Cothrum
    • Carla Courtwright
    • Donna Cowman
    • Erin Nealy Cox
    • Terri Cox
    • Martha Crites
    • Stacy Crouch
    • Kathy Crow
    • Kathy C. Crow
    • Sandra Cude
    • Lucky Cullum
    • Marty Curtis
    • Jessica Dalton
    • Anne Nash Davies
    • Michelle de la Valdene
    • Ann Delatour
    • Jodi DeSerrano
    • Jennifer Dickerson
    • Jennifer Dix
    • Kimberly Dodson
    • Dana Donahoe
    • Janie Douglass
    • Jana Dransfield
    • Shireen Duck
    • Christina Durovich
    • Sally Dutter
    • Chelsea Duvall
    • Jennifer Eagle
    • Diana Edelman
    • Kathryn Etcheverry
    • Leigh Fahr
    • Michelle Fail
    • Jennifer Farnell
    • George D. Farr
    • Wanda B. Farr
    • Susan Farris
    • Kay Ferguson
    • Pamela Field
    • Elizabeth Figari
    • Megan Filgo
    • Mary Clare Finney
    • Meredith Finney
    • Anne Fisher
    • Michelle Fitzenhagen
    • Christine Flanagan
    • Gini Florer
    • Stephanie Arnold Floyd
    • Martha Fordyce
    • Lisa Fosmark
    • Amanda Francis
    • Christine K. Frary
    • Dana French
    • Denise Fuller
    • Heather Furniss
    • Mary Lou Gibbons
    • Judy Gibbs
    • Jenney Gillikin
    • Janie Means Gilmore
    • Kristi Gittins
    • Lori Glanzer
    • Carol Glasgow
    • Brittany Glendenning
    • Betty Godwin
    • Martina Goff
    • Carol Goglia
    • Linda Golden
    • Lori Golin-Kerner
    • Toppy Goolsby
    • Afton. R Gordeuk
    • Nancy Gottsacker
    • Brandi Jane Graham
    • Bunnie Graham
    • Melissa Graham
    • Ursula Graham
    • Rathna Gray
    • Jane Greene
    • Shelley Gregg
    • Susan Grier
    • Holly Scimeca Griggs
    • Jayne Grimes
    • Whitney Williams Grogan
    • Dawn Grove
    • Gina Grove
    • Lyndsey Grover
    • Patricia Gum
    • Jennifer Gunnin
    • Leah Haberer
    • MaryAnna Hall
    • Randi Halsell
    • Janie Hamner
    • Sally Hanna
    • Elaine Harman
    • Linda Harris
    • Holly Hassmann
    • Dianne Hawkins
    • M.T. Helland
    • Liz Helton
    • Cheryl Henry
    • Ann Henson
    • Rose Heppner
    • Allison Hicks
    • Luann Hicks
    • Tracy R. Hill
    • Lyda Hill
    • Emily Hobin
    • Amy Hofland
    • Sally Holmes
    • Audra Hopper
    • Michelle Hopper
    • Kamm Howie
    • Carol Huckin
    • Mary Huddleston
    • Anne Hudson
    • Cindy Huey
    • Cindy Hughes
    • Caroline Hunt
    • Kyle Hunt
    • Tavia Hunt
    • Heidi Imhof
    • Margaret Jackson
    • Melanie Jackson
    • Laurie I. Johansen
    • Amanda Johnson
    • Beth Johnson
    • Ann Jones
    • Tiffany Jones
    • Carole Jordan
    • Trish Judson
    • Kate Juett
    • Tricia Kanewske
    • Nikki Kapioltas
    • Cary Kell
    • Cayce W. Kemp
    • Deanie Kepler
    • Jennifer Kirksey
    • Jennifer Knox
    • Megan Kobler
    • Susan Kohler
    • Amy Kovac
    • Tracey Kozmetsky
    • Lisa Kroencke
    • Carol Kula
    • Kara Kull
    • Peggy La Font
    • Becky Lacour
    • Caitlin Laughlin
    • Linda Laughlin
    • Holly Lawrence
    • Merriellin Lehner
    • Christi Leinart
    • Muffin Lemak
    • Allison Lent
    • Katherine Lewis
    • Jenny Lichty
    • Melanie Lillard
    • Elaine Lindh
    • Jean Liu
    • Amy Lobner
    • Michelle Lockhart
    • Vivian Lombardi
    • Sarah Losinger
    • Insha Luthra
    • Rebecca Lutz
    • Dawn Lynn
    • Sandye Mailandt
    • Charlene C. Marsh
    • Christina Marshall
    • Carol Mason
    • Eleanor Putman Maxwell
    • Meredith McBee
    • Becky McCamey
    • Erin McClung
    • Laura McCoy
    • Rosemary McCoy
    • Pleasant McCulloch
    • Paige McDaniel
    • Cindy McGeoch
    • Mary Elise McGowan
    • Polly McKeithen
    • Lois McKown
    • Elizabeth McMillan
    • Jodi McShan
    • Margharita Mercado
    • Leslie Merrick
    • Deborah Michel
    • Carolyn Miller
    • Jennifer Miller
    • Katy Miller
    • Lindsey Miller
    • Melanie Miller
    • Paula Miltenberger
    • Paige Mims
    • Alice Mitchell
    • Josephine Mitchell
    • Kristin Mitchell
    • Liz Modory
    • Nancy Monning
    • Mary Montgomery
    • Dian Moore
    • Lisa Moore
    • Shelley Moore
    • Cherry Morris
    • Anna Head Moss
    • Kate Mote
    • Susan Muller
    • Florence Mullins
    • Hillary Murff
    • Kay Murphy
    • Jan Myers
    • Kathleen Neely
    • Laura Neely
    • Maggie Neely
    • Devon Nelson
    • Amy Newman
    • Shirley Newsom
    • Jennifer Niccol
    • Lynn Nikaidoh
    • Meredith J. Noble
    • Tammy Novak
    • Taryn Novak
    • Ashley Nowak
    • Jessica Nowitzki
    • Lauri L. Nye
    • Nancy O'Neil
    • Connie O'Neill
    • Laran O'Neill
    • Valerie L. Orgera-Phillips
    • Honey Owens
    • Lori Anne Page
    • Betty Park
    • Allison Parks
    • Aphrodite Paulos
    • Pam Dealey Petty
    • Heidi Pickens
    • Kenney Pickens
    • Kacy Pierce
    • Carol Piering
    • Laurie Platt
    • Donna Plunket
    • Peggy Pollock
    • Becky Pond
    • Sandra Porter
    • Lindy Pottinger
    • Michal Powell
    • Pat Prestidge
    • Ruth Price
    • Diane Purnell
    • Kim Quinn
    • Devin Rambie
    • Robbie Raphael
    • Angie Ratliff
    • Kim Raymond
    • Debbie Raynor
    • Chris Redden
    • Carol Reeder
    • Christie Reniger
    • Suzy Rhodes
    • Sharon Richards
    • Carol M. Riddick
    • Melissa Rieman
    • Sarah Roberts
    • Gwen Robertson
    • Lisa Rocchio
    • Diana Rodgers
    • Sonya Rodrigue
    • Frances Rogers
    • Carol Ronchetti
    • Bryanna Roop
    • Kristy Rorschach
    • Jill Rowlett
    • Jennifer Royall
    • Margot Ruebel
    • Missy Ryan
    • Emily Sacher
    • Katie F. Samler
    • Karee Sampson
    • Sue Sandford
    • Susie Sandstrom
    • Jenny Saphier
    • Bernadette Schaeffler
    • Lee Schaufele
    • Myrna D. Schlegel
    • Kara Schlueter
    • Karen Schoellkopf
    • Penny Schmidt
    • Marsha Scimo
    • Diane K. Scovell
    • Deborah Scott
    • Debbie Scripps
    • Nancy Scripps
    • Ginny Searcy
    • Lynn Sears
    • Deedee Selner
    • Maureen Shafer
    • Melanie Shaffer
    • Bonnie Shelby
    • Brooke L. Shelby
    • Mollie Shelby
    • Mary Kay Sheldon
    • Karen Shuttee
    • Connie D. Sigel
    • Jamie Singer
    • Sandye Silvera
    • Susan Simmons
    • Alisha Sinacola
    • Alicia Slay
    • Anna Small
    • Nicole Small
    • Beth Hull Smith
    • Cameron Y. Smith
    • Monica Egert Smith
    • Waverly Smith
    • Debbie Snell
    • Michelle Sosnoskie
    • Cissie Sparkman
    • Alexa Spears
    • Marianne Staubach
    • Salle Stemmons
    • Caitlin Stinnett
    • Stacey C. Stoller
    • Diana Strauss
    • Venise Stuart
    • Mersina P. Stubbs
    • Samantha Suchala
    • Heather Sudbury
    • Laura Sullivan
    • Peggy Sutcliffe
    • Lauren Swann
    • Kara Swanson
    • Jane L. Switzer
    • Mindy Taylor
    • Kathryne Tessem
    • Jessica Thackston
    • Callie Thomas
    • Cathy Thompson
    • Debbie Tolleson
    • Kacy Tolleson
    • Marilyn Toomey
    • Carol Touchstone
    • Bebe C. Triplett
    • Karla Adam Trusler
    • Kimberly Trykoski
    • Tamareh Tuma
    • Amy Turner
    • Courtney Underwood
    • Melissa Utley
    • Angie Vaughan
    • Kerensa Vest
    • Jessica Wadkins
    • Sherwood Wagner
    • Donese Walker
    • Beth Wallace
    • Joan Walne
    • Libby Walter
    • Mi Jung Warner
    • Heather H. Washburne
    • Susie Watson
    • Wanda Webb
    • Marilyn Weber
    • Sarah Weinberg
    • Jimmy Westcott
    • Brenda White
    • Michelle White
    • Sally Wightman
    • Beth Williams
    • Kirsa A. Williams
    • Stacey Williams
    • Alice Wilson
    • Kendall B. Wilson
    • Candace Winslow
    • Susan Wolcott
    • Cayla Woodruff
    • Nina Works
    • Samantha Wortley
    • Angie Worthen
    • Brianna Wright-Guay
    • Kimberly Yamanouchi
    • Liz Young
    • Amy Zicarelli
    • Denise Zulick
  • Hospital Support

    The Women's Auxiliary supports Children's Health in many ways:

    Staff Support

    Throughout the year, teams of Auxiliary members express their appreciation to the staff at Children’s for their commitment to the hospital, our patients and their families. Baskets of treats are provided to show our support and gratitude for their hard work and dedication to those in the greatest of need.

    Patient Support

    Holiday Meals

    A nourishing meal, a welcoming smile and encouraging words bring the gift of comfort to moms, dads, brothers and sisters on New Year's Eve and Mother's Day Weekend. The Auxiliary hosts dinner at the hospital for families whose children are patients in Critical Care Units on these holiday occasions. 

    Family Support Baskets

    Every other week, Auxiliary volunteers provide snack baskets for family members of patients who are in Critical Care Units at Children's Medical Center Dallas. These treats allow families to have some nourishment since most cannot or do not want to leave their child to grab a meal or a snack. For more information about this program, contact patientsupport.dallas@childrensauxiliary.org.

    In-Kind Donations

    Our Social Work department caters to the needs of patients and their families during their stay at Children's. Often, patient families come unprepared for a night's stay, and are in need of the comforts of home. The below is a list of items needed throughout the year:

    Toiletry Items (all items must be travel-sized)

    • Shampoo
    • Conditioner
    • Toothbrush
    • Toothpaste
    • Body wash
    • Bars of soap
    • Lotion
    • Deodorant (men and women)
    • Women's sanitary items

    Clothing and Pajamas (child and adult sizes welcome)

    • Onesies
    • T-shirts
    • Hoodies
    • Athletic Pants
    • Socks
    • Underwear
    • Pajamas 

    To donate books and magazines, visit The Family Resource Library to view a list of preferred titles.

    Please contact patientsupport.dallas@childrensauxiliary.org for drop-off information.

  • History of Giving

    Since 1962, the Auxiliary has continued its tradition and rich history of service to Children’s Medical Center by raising funds for hospital priorities through annual fundraising events and special projects. Through the incredible generosity and countless volunteer hours of its members and a community of friends and supporters, the Auxiliary has gifted more than $22 million to Children’s.

    The following is a list of gifts made by the Women’s Auxiliary to Children’s Medical Center Dallas and Plano chapters:

    Construction and Renovation

    • 12th Floor Critical Care Unit at Children's Dallas (wePromise Campaign gift)
    • Center of Excellence in Godly Play
    • Children's Garden
    • Children's Medical Center Plano expansion
    • Emergency Department renovation
    • Gift Shop and Admitting area renovations
    • The Heart Center
    • ICU Room in honor of George Farr
    • ICU Room in honor of Linda Harris
    • Krissi Holman Family Resource Library and Children's Collection
    • Neurology EEG room
    • Nourishment Room - Children's Medical Center Plano
    • Pauline Allen Gill Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders
    • Pediatric Intensive Care Unit renovations
    • Renovations to the Psychiatric Unit and Intensive Care Unit waiting rooms
    • School classroom for the patient education program
    • Team Work Station - Children's Medical Center Plano
    • Three operating suites at CHildren's Dallas (Diamond Jubilee Campaign gift)
    • Transfusion service improvements and outpatient phlebotomy lab
    • Transport services communications system improvement
    • Women's Auxiliary Playground expansion


    • Asthma education pilot program
    • Bilingual services initiative education and evaluation
    • Clinical Research
    • Diabetes nurse educator
    • Home health care teaching guides
    • Management and staff development
    • Pathology/lab multimedia computer systems
    • Patient preparation materials
    • Plating distracting module for plastic surgery
    • Sepsis simulation equipment and training software
    • Toughbooks with charging stations


    • Angel Eye Cameras for Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
    • Audiovisual carts for Pediatric Trauma
    • Beds and cribs
    • C-Arm portable X-ray for Pediatric Trauma
    • Children's Corner Gift Shop Systems Improvement
    • Diagnostic equipment for the Fetal Neonatal Program
    • DVD players and movies
    • External pacemakers for Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit
    • ICU televisions and VCRs
    • Infant immobilization chair
    • iPads and customized stands
    • Laerdal SimBaby for Respiratory Care
    • Laerdal SimKid and Glidescope
    • Life-support equipment
    • Monitor and warmers for the Seay Emergency Center
    • Neonatal patient room equipment and crib
    • NOMAD Pro handheld X-ray Systems
    • Orthodontic Scanner
    • Ottobock Kima Strollers
    • Oxygen blenders and ECMO equipment
    • Pagers for ICU families and parent amenity kits
    • Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS)
    • Playground at Children's Plano
    • Portable defibrillator/oximeter for Children's Transport Service
    • Portable X-ray machine
    • Pro Pac Monitor for Transport Service
    • Rehabilitation and Therapy Services
    • Relay Robot
    • Security safes for patient rooms
    • Sleep-monitoring equipment
    • Stryker cribs for operating rooms and operating room microscopes
    • Surgical robotic arms and cameras
    • Volunteer Management software
    • Wheelchairs for the Seay Emergency Center
    • Wheelchairs for teen population
    • Women's Auxiliary Playground at Children's Medical Center Plano
    • Virtual Reality Equipment for Chronic Pain Rehabilitation
    • Zoll X Series Monitors for Children's Transport Services


    • Arts & Humanities
    • Art Therapy Program
    • Bear Hugs
    • Beads of Courage
    • Bereavement Care
    • Camp Moss
    • Car Seat Safety
    • Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders
    • Center for Pediatric Eating Disorders
    • Child Life
    • Child Life - Funnyatricks ProgramTM
    • Children's Centennial History Book
    • Children's Health Andrews Institute for Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine
    • Children's Health Response Fund
    • Children's Plano 10-Year Carnival Celebration
    • Children's Research Institute
    • Comprehensive Gait and Mobility Program
    • Earn Nose and Throat (ENT) Program
    • Electronics package for patient infusion rooms at CCBD
    • Employee Care Fund
    • Endoscopy Lab/Omegaven Trial
    • Extracorporeal Membranous Oxygenation (ECMO) Program
    • Food Pantry in Partnership with North Texas Food Bank
    • Foster Care
    • The Heart Center - Neurodevelopmental Program
    • Indigent Care
    • Language Access Services
    • Music Therapy
    • Neonatal parent education
    • Pastoral Care
    • Patient and patient-family snack baskets for infusion rooms at Gill Center
    • Patient Family Support Services
    • Patient education program
    • Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) - Child Life Specialist
    • Pediatric Mental Health
    • Pediatric Stroke Project
    • Pet Therapy Program
    • Prenatal Dental Program
    • Recreational Art Program
    • Referral and Evaluation of At-Risk Children (REACH)
    • School-based Telebehavioral Health
    • School-based Telehealth program
    • Seay Emergency Center - Nitrous Oxide Program
    • Senior Nursing Student Day
    • Sensory integration assessment/treatment
    • Suicide Prevention and Resilience at Children's Program (SPARC)
    • Summer teen volunteers
    • Teen Recovery Program
    • TeleNICU Services

    Scholarships and Seminars

    • Huvelle Memorial Loan Fund for Residents
    • James Farnsworth Health Careers Scholarship Endowment
    • Kenneth C. Haltalin Pediatric Seminar
    • Pastoral Care Seminar
    • Women's Auxiliary Scholarship Fund