Help Us Build a Better Future For Children

Every day the construction industry is building, expanding and creating. KIDstruction Week is an opportunity for the North Texas regional architectural, engineering and construction industries to join together to build strong tomorrows for kids by supporting the Children’s Health mission to make life better for children.

Your generosity during KIDstruction Week in March allows Children’s Health to build, expand and create programs that help hundreds of thousands of children every year.

About KIDstruction Week

Participating companies offer their employees the opportunity to contribute $1, or more, via payroll deduction for every hour worked during Children’s Health KIDstruction Week in March. Exact dates will vary from company to company, but we encourage you to choose your company’s first full payroll week in March.

You may also choose to match your employees’ gifts at a percentage of your choosing, or make a lump sum donation to demonstrate your company’s commitment to the cause. 

Your involvement makes a difference

In 2017, funds raised during KIDstruction Week will benefit essential Patient and Family Support Services such as social work, pastoral care, and special therapies like pet, music, clown and art therapies as well as other programs. These programs are not covered by insurance yet are proven to produce superior patient outcomes when combined with exceptional medical care.

Join our crew

Enrollment is under way. Complete the Company Registration Form and choose a foreman to lead your company’s campaign during one week, of your choosing, in March.  


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