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Show the patients and team members at Children's Health YOU ❤️ THEIR SPIRIT by sending a free, digital valentine. Your heartwarming card and personalized message of encouragement will make their day extra special.

Please keep in mind when writing your message:

  • Due to volume, we cannot deliver cards to specific patients.
  • We serve families of all different faiths and backgrounds.
  • Do not share personal identifying information including last names, addresses, email or phone number.
  • We recommend you do not use phrases such as “I hope you feel better” or “get well soon.”

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Patient making heart symbol with message: I love your bravery. Happy Valentines Day.
Patient and Caregiver flexing with message: I love your strength and courage. Happy Valentines Day.
Infant patient smiling with message: I love your joyfulness. Happy Valentines Day.

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