Tennis Tournament Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I create a fundraising page?

    Creating a fundraising page is just one way to raise money. The fundraising page is a simple way to collect donations, by emailing or distributing your page link for friends and family to donate to you via electronic check or credit card. If you choose to collect money in other ways, you can mail a check (do not mail cash please) to Children's Medical Center Foundation at PO Box 847253, Dallas, TX 75284-7253 to process for you as you go. It is our goal for each participant to help Children’s Health by raising money for the Pauline Allen Gill Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders!

  • What if I receive donations that aren't made through my fundraising page online?

    Donations processed online (i.e. credit cards) will be reflected on your fundraising page thermometer. Please allow 24 hours for donations to be processed. Players are encouraged to enter offline donations (checks or cash that player receives that is being mailed into the Children’s Medical Center Foundation office) on their fundraising page so that accurate totals will be included to be factored into fundraising total for benchmark prizes. Fundraising for prizes ends at 11:59 PM on Wednesday, September 30. Please ask your donors to mail their checks to you, made out to Children’s Medical Center Foundation, with your name on the memo line.  You should then enter these check amounts onto your fundraising page (offline donations) and then bundle the gifts and mail to: Children's Medical Center Foundation Attn: Kyra Barnett, PO Box 847253, Dallas, TX 75284-7253.

  • How do I create a fundraising page?

    Please click here to create your fundraising page. For questions about your fundraising page, please email

  • Can my parent’s employer match my fundraising through an employee match program?

    Yes! However, all matching funds must be received by the Children's Medical Center Foundation prior to the fundraising cut-off date (11:59 PM on Wednesday, September 30). Or, a verified letter from the employer acknowledging the match must be issued by that date, if the funds cannot be released by that time.

  • Other questions?

    If you have a question not answered above, please email