Each employee has a unique story to tell about why they choose to devote their talent and individual efforts each day to Children’s Health. And now, as part of the We Choose Children’s employee campaign, we invite you to choose Children’s again by making a one-time gift or recurring payroll deduction to the area of your choice.

Regardless of how you choose to give, know that your generosity will make a meaningful impact on all patients, families and fellow employees who walk through our doors. Meet a few of Children’s long-time employee givers and learn more about why they choose to give to Children’s Health.

Heather Grein

Heather Grein said she cries watching sad television shows, but when she’s confronted with real-life suffering in her work at Children’s Health, she’s somehow able to switch it off and focus on how to best help the patient. “I can turn it on and off. ...

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Vanessa Walls

Vanessa Walls is something of a builder. Under her leadership as senior vice president of Our Children’s House and System Clinical Programs, Children’s Health built the 13,000-square-foot Cityville facility, a half mile from the Dallas campus, and renovated the ...

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Joe Don Cavender

Joe Don Cavender was a tech working on dialysis machines when he saw that his work could be so much more. “I had much more satisfaction from interacting with patients and families than from interacting with the machines,” he said. He was impressed with the nurses ...

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Liz Heyne

Elizabeth “Liz” Heyne remembers examining a newborn when suddenly the baby’s mother had a rare epileptic fit. The woman could not breathe. Soon, she had no pulse. Liz leapt into action and saved the woman’s life. “Our training and experiences ...

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Barbie Drews

Three decades of work as a pediatric nurse is a tremendous contribution to the community – Then Barbie Drews did even more. She voluntarily became a nurse in Children’s Medical Center’s palliative care team, which tends to patients that are not expected ...

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Brenda Urbanczyk

Brenda Urbanczyk combs through reams of patient documents to make sure they have the right documentation for Medicaid reimbursement. But if you think she is just a bureaucrat hovering over piles of paperwork, you don’t know Brenda. Her three decades of dedication to ...

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Elma Cortinas

Anything surgically removed from a patient at Children’s Medical Center – skin, a tumor, a kidney, a heart – comes to the lab managed by Elma Cortinas. The Anatomic Pathology Lab examines tissues and organs to help doctors decide the next step in patients’ ...

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Lori Allen

Nurse Lori Allen took care of one patient who stayed a record 14-months in the intensive care unit (ICU). Then she went above and beyond. “I loved him so much I actually joined a home health agency and went home with him and took care of him at home on my days off,” ...

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