Groundbreaking moment at Children’s Health for foster children

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"As children come in to this place they will see this. Be strong like the trees, fly like the birds, shine like the stars."

Philanthropist Trevor Rees-Jones explains what he hopes for the future of a brand new facility in Dallas serving our most vulnerable children.

The Rees-Jones Center for Foster Care Excellence is a multifaceted clinic where foster children can receive medical, behavioral and mental health care from a team of experts all under the same roof.

Governor Greg Abbott attended Monday's ribbon-cutting emphasizing how this center will empower foster children to say "I can."

"You're helping our foster children recover their lost childhood. you're helping to change how they think about and envision their future," said the governor.

"It's just a one stop shop. They can come here for any medical need that they have for their children," says Melinda Nelson.

The proud mom fostered and adopted her two children Xavier and Anthony when they were just 4 and 2. They are now 10 and 8.

She says the help she received from this center has been immeasurable.

"To see a place that is warm and not scary for kids especially for kids that are in a strange home with people they don't know. I think this is amazing," she said.

The goal is to serve three thousand foster children between the Dallas and Plano clinics at no cost to patient families.

All made possible by a 20 million dollar donation from the Rees-Jones foundation and Dr. Anu Partap, the director of the clinic who’s been called a ‘game changer.’

Dr. Partap says the children are at the heart of this mission to provide them with hope, health and healing.

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