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Video Description

Video Description

Abel Escamilla Jr. was so ill he could not eat for weeks. When he could finally eat again, a special meal, including cake, was prepared. But after a few bites, the 5-year-old couldn’t eat any more. His parents asked what they could do to cheer him up. He said he wanted to smash the cake in his dad’s face.

A promise is a promise, so moments later Abel Escamilla Sr. had a face full of cake, and the room was full of laughter.

“He laughed. Everyone watched him laughed, and we were hopeful again,” Mr. Escamilla said sitting next to his son, now 6, at their home in Garland. “It was just a sense of relief to see him finally smile because that was his day, and I didn’t want his day to be ruined. As parents, fathers, mothers, the last thing we want is for our kids to be in any kind of pain. Any way that we can take a load off of them, we’re going to do it.”

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