Making Life Better for Generations of Children

By Patrick McGee

Children’s Health has been a pillar of pediatric care for more than 100 years. It has helped generations of families, and a perfect example of that is Marilyn Sutton; her daughter, Brittany Banks; and her grandson, Andre Banks. They were all treated at Children’s.

From the early 1970s to the late 1980s to a recent visit this year, the family said Children’s came through for them when they needed it most.

Much has changed at Children’s since the early 1970s – the hospital has grown tremendously – but the Suttons’ experience is a testament that one thing has stayed constant: attentive patient care.

“Everybody was so nice and so friendly,” Mrs. Sutton said recalling how she was hospitalized at Children’s at age 6 for pneumonia. “It seemed like there was a nurse with me whenever I opened my eyes. There was always someone there asking, ‘Are you OK?’ ”

She was hospitalized for three months and remembers a cheerful atmosphere with “balloons everywhere” and a playroom where nurses would sit down and talk to the children.

In 1989 she was back, this time with her newborn daughter. Brittany was born premature and needed numerous appointments at Children’s for checkups, X-rays, bloodwork and heart monitoring.

“I just could not believe that it had been 20 years or so later, and here I am back with my daughter,” Mrs. Sutton said. “It was just as amazing as it was when I was there, when I was a little girl. They were so attentive to her, making sure that everything was OK.”

Now a mother herself, Mrs. Banks, was at Children’s in February when her only child, Andre, fell and hit his head. She was so worried about him that the 40-minute drive from Waxahachie to Children’s seemed like a four-hour drive.

She said the attention the medical staff gave her son quickly eased her fears.

“Their focus was solely on him and making sure that I didn’t panic and that he was OK. That made me 100 percent confident,” she said. “I was just really in awe of the service. I felt like I was at home and that he was OK.”

A doctor examined Andre and said the 5-month-old was fine, but just to make sure a second doctor examined the boy, then a third and then a fourth.

“They were very thorough. Another thing that I liked was they explained it in a way that I understood, and they didn’t just talk among themselves and leave me out. They included me,” she said. “Children’s is a really great organization, and I love everything that it stands for.”

Both Mrs. Sutton and Mrs. Banks work for HilltopSecurities, Inc., a major corporate supporter of Children’s, and both take Andre to participate in Children’s annual Red Balloon Run & Ride.


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