Faustina Richardson

November 2018

After Faustina's life was saved, she set out to help others with her own fundraisers.

Faustina Richardson was treated for leukemia at Children’s Medical Center Dallas. After the hospital saved her life, she set out to give back with her own fundraisers. She returned with a $4,000 check for Children’s Health – then returned to yet more fundraising. The next year she raised $6,000.  “I have always wanted to do something to give back to the hospital that did so much for me,” the 18-year-old said. Dr. Daniel Bowers, the pediatric oncologist who treated Faustina and received the donation, said it was wonderful to see a patient come back in full health with generosity to help future patients. “The greatest reward that we could have is to see the patients who come back to see us. It really reinforces what we are doing,” Dr. Bowers said. The gift will be used to enhance the child survivorship program, which provides long-term monitoring of former pediatric cancer patients, helping them adjust to any side effects treatments may have caused. Faustina’s mother, Barbara Richardson, said it was a tremendous source of pride to see her daughter bring her fight against cancer to a new level. “I’m just so proud of her,” she said. “Dr. Bowers and his staff have been so supportive. We feel we can never give back enough.”

Faustina chose to give back. She chose Children’s.

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