Sometimes Too Much Screen Time Can Be A Good Thing

December 01, 2016

Makenna Rodolf (left center) and her friend Haylee Alexander (right center) with their moms and siblings

Even young kids can show great empathy and see the value in reaching out to help others.

That’s what Frisco fourth-grader Haylee Alexander did when she saw a girl in her school get sick with leukemia. Haylee befriended Makenna Rodolph, now 9, and was a constant source of support for her as she went through chemotherapy.

Then she took it a step further. She asked friends and family for donations and raised $1,700 to buy six iPad minis for hospitalized children.

“I just wanted to do something for Children’s Health when she was diagnosed,”

Haylee said. Haylee, Makenna and their moms delivered the tablets to Children’s Medical Center Plano in August.

“It’s awesome that Haylee thought of us,” Makenna’s mom, Jennifer Rodolph, said. “She just wanted to do something because she saw Makenna.”


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