Dallas Hospital Offers Easy Way To Send Valentine’s Day Cards To A Sick Or Injured Kids

February 06, 2018 - CW33

One of the best parts of being a kid on Valentine’s Day is getting all those cards when you go to school! But, for a lot of kids stuck in the hospital on February 14th, that’s something they won’t get.

“They’re getting the top-flight best in class medical care that they deserve,” said Brent Christopher, the president of the Children’s Medical Foundation. “But we also want to wrap around them a really warm and nurturing environment to help them and support them in the healing process.”

And you can be the one to do that! Right now, for free, you can head over to and create your own personalized Valentine’s Day card for a sick or injured kid. 

Just pick a card, fill out the info, type in a quick message and send. It takes 2 minutes tops, and then the staff over at Children’s takes it from there.

“We’ll deliver those Valentine’s to kids all across Children’s Health during Valentine’s week,” Christopher said. “Just to brighten their day and make the experience that they’re having in the hospital a little bit easier.”

Yeah, cause a little love and support can go a long way,

“There’s nothing more powerful when you have a sick or injured child than to know that you’ve got friends and family around you and you have the whole community responding with this kind of a personal Valentine it can make all the difference in the world,” said Christopher.

So head on over and send a card now. Don’t worry, the pros will make sure to the kiddos have healthy hearts, you just make sure they get Valentine’s hearts!


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