Children’s Medical Center Foundation Is Prepared For Weather Questions About Saturday Morning’s Red Balloon Run & Ride

April 21, 2017 - My Sweet Charity

Wouldn’t you just know that the weather-guessers have been as fickled as Scarlett O’Hara filling out her dance card. Some are saying that tomorrow morning is going to wet, windy and wild. Others are swearing that it will hit tonight and Saturday morning will be as dry and crisp as a nice bottle of Pinot Blanc.

Luckily, the Children’s Medical Center Foundation’s Red Balloon Run & Ride organizers are on top of developments. Yes, they’re in negotiations with Mother Nature, but they’re also prepared to communicate any changes.

According to the Foundation’s Heidi Cannella, “We will provide updates (any delays, cancellations, etc.) from now through tomorrow. Our primary concern is safety.” Those update will be available at

Red Balloon’s corporate sponsor WFAA will also be providing information about the weather conditions and how they’ll be affecting the annual fundraiser.


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