Children’s Health Plano New Specialty Center Expected to Open Late 2017

March 24, 2017 - Neighbors of Willow Bend

By Amanda Gibbs

Rendering of New Specialty Center

In November 2015, Children’s Health broke ground on its new four story Specialty Center II on a 12.5-acre site bordering Quincy Lane and Preston Road. Half of the new building is being dedicated to the expansion of pediatric sub-specialties through the addition of clinics and physician practices. The new additions will further support the Children’s Health Plano Campus and mission of making life better for children. The building will also include outpatient imaging, an ambulatory surgery center with four operating rooms, an 844-car parking garage and an outdoor playing field for athletic performance training with an observation platform.

The new space will also be the future home to its new pediatric sports medicine program, the Children’s Health Andrews Institute for Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine, expected to open in late 2017. The first of its kind in the region, the institute will include a running track, indoor athletic performance facilities and a half-size football field. The Children’s Health Andrews Institute will occupy the first level of Specialty Center II, consisting of rehab/physical therapy, athletic training from Sports Performance powered by EXOS, and an energy station for juice and dietary energy stimulation, to name a few.

Michael Wiggins, Children’s Medical Center Plano administrator, stated that the goal for the program is to keep patients healthy and out of the operating room. “We were seeing children with adult [sports] injuries,” he said. “We’re reaching out into the community ... so that we can get some education out there to coaches and parents about how to protect their young athletes from those types of injuries.” The Children’s Health Andrews Institute is the one-stop destination for treating injuries while providing a quick and safe return to daily activities, as well as techniques for injury prevention.

The expansion of the Children’s Health Plano campus was made possible in large part due to generous donors. The Andrea family, native Plano residents, have been giving to the hospital in various ways over the course of the past fifteen years. Christina and Rudy Andrea felt passionate about having a hospital in the northern market and became an integral part of the development. The Plano campus sees over 100,000 patients per year with a focus on family-centered care.


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