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Membership makes a difference! Membership dues are a critical part of the Auxiliary’s annual operations. Membership is open to all women committed to the Auxiliary’s mission of helping Children's Health make life better for children.

Annual membership dues are $50 at the Friend level and $100 at the Patron level, with the fiscal year beginning July 1. Platinum lifetime memberships are offered for a one-time only payment of $1,000, and are exempt from ticket sales. Members receive a directory containing important Auxiliary information.

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Our Leadership

Congratulations to our 2018-2019 officers! Your leadership will help the hospital fulfill its mission to make life better for children


Joa Muns

Tracy Tomson

Patricia Johnson

Brenda Harrell

Pam Wohlers
Corresponding Secretary

Caren Zepeda
Recording Secretary

Kathy Schell

Allison Doyle
BOO Campaign 

Jennifer Johnson
Change for Children’s

Betsy deVenny

Debi Means 
and Donna Ivy

Deck the Halls

Leslie Newman
Graphic Design

Joyce Logan
and Lisa Raskin


Lesley Guinn
Legacy of Love Benefit & Fashion Show

Jenna Maynard
and Heather Webb

Legacy of Love Benefit & Fashion Show-Elect

Nannette Pirek
Lights at Legacy Tree Lighting

Rene Neely
and Donna Watkins

Lights at Legacy Tree Lighting-Elect

Christel Morrison

Sheri Steele

Heather Lothes
and Michelle Pisciotta

Tamra Sadafsaz
Patient Support

Kathy Railsback
Patient Support Blanket Coordinator

Karyn Driscoll
Patient/Family Support Cart Coordinator

Elyse Graver
and Beth Vasil

Patient Support Hospital Holiday Party Coordinator

Rebecca Egelston Caso
and Beth Webb
Red Balloon Run & Ride

Allie Jacobs
Santa’s Workshop

Auburn Pope
Santa’s Workshop-Elect

Lori Antonioli
Social Media

Joan Smith
Special Events

Jennifer Tinsman
Special Events-Elect

Diane Hopson
and Sharon Yager

Sponsor Development

Amanda Konersmann
Staff Appreciation

Janet Caruth
Staff Appreciation Basket Coordinator

Tracy Wallner
Staff Appreciation/Holiday Gift Wrap Coordinator

Plano LifeTIME Members (as of December 2017)

  • Susan Abernethy
  • Lara Ashmore
  • Stephanie Barnes
  • Carrie Benson
  • Denise Bickel
  • Wendy Blackwell
  • Sandy Brennan
  • Donna Bryant
  • Karla Bryant
  • Jean Callison
  • Cece Campanini
  • Nora Carter
  • Traci Chrisman
  • Phyllis Cole
  • Betsy deVenny
  • Allison Doyle
  • Lucy Edling
  • Rebecca Egelston Caso
  • Wendy Engibous
  • Wanda Farr
  • Nina Felt
  • Dawn Gall
  • Pamela Grant-Clark
  • Lisa Guerrero
  • Sherie Hammett
  • Holly Hassmann
  • Stephanie Hilburn
  • Diane Hopson
  • Joyce Houlihan
  • Ronelle Ianace
  • Patricia Johnson
  • Nicki Loper
  • Marilyn Mahoney
  • Kathy Manack
  • Downie Mathis
  • Jenni McGaha
  • Christi Mitchell
  • Kimberly Nelon
  • Lisa Norton
  • Mary O'Hanlon
  • Belinda Orland
  • Melinda Paulk
  • Mindy Pfeil
  • Ashleigh Pogue
  • Nicole Powell
  • Marlo Pulliam
  • Lisa Raskin
  • Abby Ray
  • Traci Redding
  • Carol Schauer
  • Kathy Schell
  • Teresa Sinacola
  • Colleen Smith
  • Sheri Steele
  • Jenny Stutler
  • Ruthie Vander Lugt
  • Sherrie Varrichio
  • Lisa Viguet
  • Beth Webb
  • Nancy Welwood
  • Allison Whitfield
  • Pamela Wohlers
  • Sharon Yager
  • Tina Young

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