As a corporate sponsor, your company has a great opportunity to align itself with the Children’s Health brand in a promotion targeted specifically to the architectural, engineering, and construction industry.

KIDstruction Week has the potential to reach North Texas and the surrounding areas:

  • Children’s Health vendors and service providers
  • Company leaders
  • Tradespeople and AEC employees

KIDstruction Week sponsorship visibility includes:

  • Red Balloon Run and Ride KIDstruction Week Zone on April 22, 2017, attended by more than 15,000 event attendees
  • Children’s Health social media, weekly reach of 328,000 viewers
  • My Children’s Minute e-newsletter, more than 49,369 subscribers
  • Children’s Medical Center Foundation annual publication, distributed to more than 8,000 major donors
  • TEXO communications - email blasts and winter magazine, audience of 6,000 and 4,500, respectively
  • And other business publications

To learn more about the 2017 sponsorship opportunities,
please contact Audra Cozart at 214-456-8375.

2017 KIDstruction Week Sponsors

Rafter Sponsors

Promotional Sponsor

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