Our Children's Stories

Learn more about some of the remarkable patients at Children's Health. While these brave children battle serious conditions, each shares a common story of hope, courage and determination. Be inspired by their resiliency. See how they received the gift of childhood from Children's and from philanthropists like you.

Ace Shelton

Ace's dad was moved to tears to see his son thinking of others even when he was seriously ill with pneumonia. And when he recovered, he helped others in a big way.

Faustina Richardson

After Faustina's life was saved, she set out to help others with her own fundraisers.

Braden McCollum

His injuries were severe, but his care was excellent. After making a full recovery, Braden started thinking of others.

Lily Allen

Lily thought she’d live with depression forever. After successful treatment, she found hope, and her gratitude for that soon turned to generosity.

Ashlyn Duy

Ashlyn’s life-saving heart surgery was so successful he only had one follow up visit. Less than a year later, he was on his way to raising $30,000.

Katie Thomson

In baseball, teams recruit certain players, train them hard and send them onto the field to beat the opposing team. Scientists have recently found a way to recruit certain blood cells, train them to fight cancer and send them back into the body to beat cancerous cells.

Nick Oberg

By his senior year in high school, Nick Oberg’s hard work in tennis and school was paying off. He was scheduled to compete in the United States Tennis Association’s national competition in November, and he had just accepted at full tennis scholarship at the University of Portland, a Division One tennis university. Then doctors told him he had a brain tumor.

Sofia Muñoz

Katlin Muñoz’s daughter has a form of acute lymphoblastic leukemia so rare, so tough on the immune system, she felt that even other mothers with children fighting cancer could not fully understand what she was going through.

Hailey Ganster

When doctors told 12-year-old Hailey Ganster her headaches were being caused by a brain tumor, the news came as such a shock it was difficult to process.

Elianna Soto

For every working dad, it is tough to meet the demands of work and family. Things became especially difficult when Elias Soto’s fourth child was born with severe heart defects.

His newborn girl, Elianna, required a year-long hospital stay for heart surgeries and procedures. This was especially challenging because the family lived in Lubbock, Texas, and the baby needed care in the Children’s Medical Center Dallas Heart Center.
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