Our Children's Stories

Learn more about some of the remarkable patients at Children's. While these brave children battle serious conditions, each shares a common story of hope, courage and determination. Be inspired by their resiliency. See how they received the gift of childhood from Children's and from philanthropists like you.

Tatum Teague

Four-year-old patient Tatum Teague had a lot of love around her every day at Children’s Medical Center Dallas, so when her condition improved the family decided her hospital room would be the best place for Tatum’s aunt to get engaged.

Megan Stewart

Architect Mark Stewart saw firsthand the lifesaving health care available at Children’s Medical Center. Sixteen years ago, his daughter’s life was saved at Children’s; now he’s giving back to the hospital by serving as a founding committee member of KIDstruction Week.

Andrew Pitts

Andrew Pitts is like most 6-year-old boys: silly, adorable, full of questions and energy, excited for first grade. One difference, however, is that he is cured of cancer.

Elizabeth Eastham

Leave it to a Texan – even a tiny Texan – to get back in the saddle after one of life’s greatest challenges.

Elizabeth Eastham beat cancer with the help of Children’s Medical Center and returned to her love of horseback riding in the Texas countryside.

Avery Anderson

Nick Anderson got a call from the day care center that he absolutely had to come get his son. The 4-year-old was screaming in pain.

Ivan Nunez

For a time, the Nunez family was misunderstood, ostracized and treated rudely. Their son was ill with puzzling, frightening symptoms, but attempts to get help were rebuffed with misunderstanding and disdain. Kids at school were insensitive and cruel.

Ashley Jackson

Ashley Jackson was at theater camp in the summer of 2014 when she began experiencing excruciating back pain. But she powered through it so as not to disappoint her instructors.

Thinking it was related to her scoliosis, her mother, Debbie Jackson, took her to an orthopedic doctor, but her X-rays were clear. Soon after, Ashley began losing her balance. Then her knees started buckling.

Jacob Mowl

Lori Mowl said the thought of open-heart surgeries never bothered her son, Jacob. To Jacob, who had six surgeries by the time he was 4, they were just part of his day-to-day life.

In Honor of Fathers

In honor of Father’s Day, Children’s Medical Center looked back on the year’s interviews with patient families and selected moving stories from the fathers’ perspectives. Here are nine stories of their struggles to deal with their children’s grave diagnoses and see their sons and daughters through successful, life-saving treatment.

Camden Caldwell

The doctor told Camden Caldwell’s mother that if he had gone just one more day without medical treatment the 8-year-old might not have survived.

It was a diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes that hit the family like a thunderbolt. It was completely unexpected, and a doctor in their small town north of Frisco misdiagnosed it at first, thinking it was just a stomach virus.
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