Endowing Healthcare for Children

For 100 years, Children’s Medical Center has provided excellent medical care to sick and injured children from across the region and beyond. As a promise to all children who need access to the best primary and specialty pediatric healthcare possible, Children’s is committed to recruiting world-class pediatric specialists, and developing further its nationally recognized clinical programs. Through the establishment of endowment funds, generous philanthropists have created a foundation to support this promise. They have ensured that a reliable source of income will be available so that Children’s can continue meeting the medical, social, and emotional needs of all the children served.

Endowment gifts are established to provide perpetual support for a project, program, or other need that is close to a donor’s heart. Contributions made to establish endowments are invested to generate earnings. Each year a portion of the earnings from the fund, as determined by the spending policy adopted by the board of Children’s, will be used to support the designated purpose of the gift. Earnings in excess of the amount to be spent will be returned to the fund and reinvested allowing the principal to grow. As the principal grows, the earnings will also grow and continue to provide an ongoing source of support for the purpose designated by the donor.

Endowments are best suited for those areas that need a sustainable source of annual income and one that can provide support for a project, program, etc., in perpetuity. Invested for long-term growth and carefully managed to preserve capital, endowments provide a lasting legacy for donors and help secure the future for the fund’s designated purpose.

A minimum gift of $25,000 is required to establish an unrestricted endowment at Children’s. For endowments whose purpose is restricted support for a specific department or program, a minimum gift of $50,000 is required. Research endowments, physician support, support for special centers and laboratories may have unique funding requirements due to the costs associated with these areas.

Further information about establishing endowments with a current gift or a planned gift may be obtained by contacting John Mitchener at Children’s Medical Center Foundation, telephone: 214-456-8389, email: John.Mitchener@childrens.com.

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