Liberty Ingram

November 2010

Three-year-old Liberty Ingram is always on the go. At any moment, she can be found playing with her dog, Jack, or helping her four older brothers and parents milk the cows at their dairy farm. But, just a couple of months ago, sudden life-threatening symptoms stopped Liberty in her tracks.

On Dec. 16 - a typical morning at the Ingram’s farm - Liberty suddenly became listless with shallow breathing. Her condition quickly worsened to grand mal seizures. Michelle and Tony loaded Liberty into their car and drove to the closest pediatric hospital, where Liberty was diagnosed with Addison’s disease - primary adrenal deficiency which causes low blood pressure and low blood sugar.

While at the hospital, Liberty developed a blood clot in her leg. Because the hospital was not equipped to treat this problem, Liberty was transferred to Children’s - the one place in North Texas which provides interventional radiology as well as a team of specialistsready to attend to her every need.

Physicians at Children’s administered medications to stabilize Liberty’s blood pressure and her clot was resolved, successfully restoring blood flow to the leg. Liberty’s healing continued with care from endocrinologists, infectious disease and surgical specialists, neurologists and the critical care team.

Liberty relies on Children’s to stay ahead of Addison’s disease - she takes hydrocortisone to keep blood sugar levels up and fludrocortisone - a salt-retaining hormone to help her retain normal levels of sodium.

In February, Liberty celebrated Christmas with her family and even received a late visit from Santa Claus. Now she is well on her way to riding in style on her favorite gift - a pink peddle tractor.

Watching Liberty unwrap gifts and knowing that she almost didn’t make it was overwhelming,” Michelle said. “I couldn’t imagine life without her. It has made us appreciate the little things in life and not take anything for granted.”

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