Annabella Spears

December 2012

Annabella, one of the precious lives saved at Children's in 2011, is just one story that illustrates the difference your support makes at Children's Medical Center.

This is just one story—but to Alexa and Shad Spears, it is the most important story of their life.

Only the scar across Annabella's little belly serves as a daily reminder to her family of the frightening, pain-staking events of 2011. 

The joy of having their first child morphed into concern for Alexa and Shad after seven weeks. That's when they noticed Annabella's skin looked yellow. A trip to the pediatrician landed Annabella at Children's, where she underwent extensive testing and was diagnosed with biliary atresia—a rare disease of the liver and bile ducts. Without a transplant, Annabella's liver would fail. 

Alexa said, “I just kept thinking that we couldn't lose our little girl, but all we could do was wait.” 

Life changed for Annabella and her parents at 6:30 a.m. on June 16 when they got the call telling them to bring Annabella in for a liver transplant. Less than a month later, Annabella's skin was pink and her eyes were bright. “She has energy and life again,” Alexa said. “We have our little girl back in our arms.”


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