School District Raises Thousands for Children’s

November 30, 2010


Grassroots efforts make a difference for patients at Children’s

Mabank, Texas may be small, but its residents have big hearts. The town, which has a population of less than 3,000, recently rallied around its students, who came up with clever ways to help raise nearly $45,000 for Children’s Medical Center.

Their grassroots efforts took place during Mabank school district’s Spirit Week. The community, which is about 60 miles southeast of Dallas, supported different fundraisers that the schools had organized.

For instance, students at Mabank High School sold hot dogs and held a golf tournament in the rain. Mabank Junior High sold cotton candy and nachos, and Mabank Intermediate held pie-throwing contests. One junior high principal was duct-taped to the cafeteria door to raise money. Even the youngest students got involved. The three elementary schools put on a dunking contest and held a carnival, where their teachers flipped hamburgers.

The week’s events culminated at the homecoming game, where the Mabank school district presented Children’s Miracle Network a check in the amount of $44,599. (Children’s Miracle Network raises money for more than 170 children’s hospitals across the nation. When Dallas-area organizations donate money to Children’s Miracle Network, it benefits Children’s Medical Center.)

The money will help support the hospital’s mission to make life better for children. Children’s treats thousands of kids each year who do not have regular access to a pediatrician or family physician. As a private not-for-profit hospital, support from communities like Mabank and organizations like Children’s Miracle Network helped the hospital to provide more than $50 million in charity care each year.

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