KidneyTexas, Inc. Goes Above and Beyond

January 09, 2012

Each year, KidneyTexas, Inc. hosts its Fashion Event & Luncheon in an effort to raise money for several local beneficiaries and awareness for kidney disease.  For the past 12 years, Children’s Medical Center’s Nephrology department has been a beneficiary of KidneyTexas’ efforts.

As one of three beneficiaries, Children’s received $10,000 from the 2011 fashion show. The money will be used to help support the hospital’s Child Life department and Funnyatrics clown program. Children’s was excited when it recently learned that KidneyTexas was going to be able to give the hospital an additional $25,000 to help fund its Nephrology department.

Since its inception, KidneyTexas has worked hard to fulfill its mission to provide funding to improve the methods of treatment, the search for a cure and prevention of kidney disease and related diseases and to improve care for people suffering from such diseases.

Since 2000, KidneyTexas has given more than $430,000 to Children’s. 


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