Former Cowboys QB's continue to help children's cancer fund luncheon

November 19, 2013 - WFAA

Former Cowboys quarterbacks Roger Staubach and Troy Aikman served as honorary co-chairman for the Children's Cancer Fund luncheon and fashion show on Monday in what has become an annual volunteer event for the two stars.

"This is just such a good day for the kids," says co-chair Stacie Wells."They come out here and they get their autographs. They're so excited of it. It's kind of the start of the event."

The event will take place next April and over the years has raised more than $7 million to help fight children's cancer.

"Every year thanks to their efforts, and all the people who have stepped up to the plate, we're curing more kids," says UT Southwestern Professor George Buchanan.

Staubach has been a part of the program for all 26 years; Aikman has been on board for the last 15.

"The right things are being done in research and that's what is really great about this," says Staubach. "This hospital is fantastic. The Children's Medical Center, they're doing a great job; one of the finest medical centers in the country.

"Roger asked me to be a part of this event one year and it was really a moving experience for me and one of the best events that I had ever been a part of. I told them, as long as you keep asking me, I’ll keep coming back and fortunately they have kept asking me and so here I am," Aikman said.

These kids never saw Staubach or Aikman play for the Dallas Cowboys, but they have learned who they are and what they've accomplished.

"They're football players for the Dallas Cowboys," says Reagan Jones.

"I know he's a Cowboys player," says Jay John Hernandez. "I never saw him in action but I enjoy the Cowboys on game day."

This year's fashion show will include 22 children being treated for cancer at Children's Medical Center.


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