Endowment supports Child Life in honor of grandchildren

January 01, 2011

After traveling the world while working for Atlantic Richfield Company, Clarlyn and Victor Bychok settled in Dallas and became associated with Children’s Medical Center. As longtime philanthropic supporters of Children’s, family involvement has been an important part of the Bychok’s legacy. When the couple attends events and participates in activities at Children’s, they often bring their four grandchildren.

The Bychok’s established an endowment that supports Child Life in honor of their grandchildren, and later established a charitable gift annuity. Their gift annuity provides them with an income for their lifetimes and will ultimately provide additional funding for their endowment.

In addition, the Bychok’s have been able to show their grandchild how their gifts help patients served by Children’s. It’s something that their grandson, Timothy, was able to see firsthand when he visited a friend who was a patient at the hospital.

“He and his mother came to visit her at the hospital and Timothy was excited that he could tell his friend that he had visited Children’s and that his grandparents helped the hospital,” Mrs. Bychok said. “He also knows that good things happen at Children’s when his friend is able to return to school.”


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