Cinemark Spring Concert Series Brought Music and Fun to Patients at Children's Medical Center

June 20, 2013

Patients at Children’s Medical Center Dallas often miss out on local concerts due to lengthy hospital stays. But, thanks to Cinemark, patients were able to enjoy eight weeks of live music, food, activities and giveaways during their stay at Children’s. 

The Cinemark Spring Concert Series kicked off March 22 with musical artist Dano, a singer, songwriter and DJ from the Dallas-Fort Worth area and culminated May 3 with Fever – The Ultimate Tribute Band who brought the king himself, Elvis. 

“Cinemark was delighted to support Children’s Medical Center and to sponsor the Spring Concert Series for the children, their families and hospital staff,” said James Meredith, VP of Marketing and Communications at Cinemark Theatres. “Cinemark is all about good family entertainment, so we knew that bringing music and entertainment right to the hospital was a perfect fit.”   

The Spring Concert Series also featured performances by Arlington singer/musician/songwriter Nick McCord, Flower Mound indie/pop songwriter Aprilemade, former Top 12 American Idol contestant Tim Halperin, Houston-based entertainment group Limitless Top Entertainment, Fort Worth singer/songwriter Audrey Lackey and Colleyville singer/songwriter who plays the guitar, piano, drums and even beatboxes Ellie Meyer. 

“The Red Balloon Network and Cinemark Spring Concert Series offer patients of all ages unique opportunities that are not typically found in other hospital environments,” said Kristen Johnson, Child Life manager. “These opportunities may be comforting and familiar, or they may be brand new, once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, such as interviewing their favorite musician or actor. These opportunities motivate our patients to get out of bed, express themselves, and perhaps most importantly, gives them the chance to enjoy being a kid again.” 

Fun performances like these are just one of the many ways that the Red Balloon Network helps improve the patient’s experience while they’re spending time in the hospital. The Red Balloon Network is an interactive studio for patients to explore the creative realms of radio, television and news media. This is the first concert series broadcast on the Red Balloon Network.


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