Children’s Medical Center’s Child Life Program Receives $68,000 Donation from Spirit Halloween Superstore and the local community

March 05, 2012

Spirit Halloween Superstore and the residents of the DFW-area raised more than $68,000 in donations for Children’s Medical Center within a two-month period. A check was presented to the Child Life program on Monday, March 5.

Hospitals across the country possess Child Life departments, whose purpose is to help to make hospital stays less scary for kids and their families. Budget cuts and funding challenges have made it difficult for Child Life departments to obtain the necessary equipment, staff and resources required. Spirit of Children is designed to help bridge the gap.

The program brings both fun and funding to hospitals at Halloween and all year long. Volunteer Spirit employees bring Halloween celebrations to the hospital with costumes, decorations and accessories.  Pumpkin painting, costume parades, Halloween games and crafts offer a temporary escape for the young patients.  Spirit Halloween raises money through partner vendors and customer contributions, both online and in-store.

“By bringing Halloween to these kids, Spirit Halloween is bringing them happiness while providing our hospital much-needed support,” said Pete Kline, president of the Children's Medical Center Foundation.  “It’s a special joy to watch the kids enjoy a holiday they would otherwise not have the opportunity to participate in. And we are immensely grateful for the help.”

For more information regarding the Spirit of Children program, please visit


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