Children's hospital security guard recognized in a big way

August 26, 2014 -

A security guard at Children's Medical Center in Dallas is getting a lot of attention. Many say it's about time he gets some extra special recognition.

Glenn Timmons got a big surprise at work recently. His picture was posted on a billboard outside hospital for all to see.

“They pointed it and I was like, ‘Wow!' It still hasn't soaked in yet,” he said.

The billboard comes after Timmons was named employee of the year by the Dallas Fort Worth Hospital Council Foundation, an organization that represents more than 50 area hospitals.

Uncle Glenn, as many call him, has worked security at Children's for 29 years. He not only connects with co-workers, but families who turn to Children's during tough times.

“It's kind of who I am,” he said when asked about his friendly nature.

While he often has a smile on his face, he is also the hospital's go-to guy for tough security issues. And the staff at Children's says he has a magical way of connecting with people to eliminate tense situations.

After the billboard popped up, Timmons got a promotion and now he's instrumental in helping train new hospital security guards.

He said he plans to work as long as he can doing what he does. He is glad people appreciate it.

And while he is very humble about the billboard, his 13 grand kids think it's awesome.


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