Blockbuster Supports Children’s with Holiday-Inspired Campaign

November 30, 2010

This past holiday season, Dallas-area Blockbuster stores raised money and provide toys for the patients at Children's Medical Center.  Prompted from a tour of life-changing work at Children's, 50 store managers encouraged their team members to raise money for the hospital.

Half of the money was given to Children's as a cash donation.  The remaining was used to purchase media items such as Wii Systems, DVD players, DVD movies and more.

Renee Hunt, Director of Child Life, said, “The donations provided by Blockbuster help to ensure that patients are able to enjoy playing video games with the game systems provided, view DVD movies, and listen to CDs during their hospital stay."

Hunt continued, "We are thrilled that Blockbuster chose to partner with Children's Medical Center during the holiday season."

For more information on how you or your company could help make a difference in the life of a child, contact Angela Bynum at 214-456-8387.


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