A Dollar Makes a Difference

February 14, 2014

You can make a big difference when you shop at Dallas-area Tom Thumb stores Monday, Feb. 17 through Friday, March 7.

When you go to the check-out line, $1 or any amount you choose will purchase one of the bright yellow, kid-shaped cutouts as part of the annual Tom Thumb Kindness for Kids program. And what you're buying isn't just a piece of paper. Your true purchase is an investment in the lives of cancer patients at Children's.

All proceeds from Kindness for Kids support Tom Thumb’s endowment for the Children’s After the Cancer Experience (ACE) program. Founded in 1989, the ACE Program at Children's was one of the first long-term follow-up programs for childhood cancer survivors in the U.S. Kindness for Kids, which began in 2000, has raised more than $1 million to benefit the ACE Program.

Tom Thumb has generously supported Children’s for more than a decade. In addition to Kindness for Kids, Tom Thumb serves as a sponsor of the Women's Auxiliary to Children's Family Night at Six Flags.


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